Video Interviews with 100 Dads

100 InterviewsJohn Chow

YES!! Mission accomplished!

I have completed over 100 video interviews with dads from around the globe over the last year. A lot of them were in person interviews recorded with my iPhone while the others were done through Google Hangout!  There are dads from every continent on the planet (except Antartica – I know there are dads working there but we’ll have to wait for one of the Antartica dads to contact me for an interview!).  Thank you to the 100+ dads who shared their lives, their struggles, their stories with me!  I have compiled the wisdom you have shared with me into a short 110 page book called “Wisdom from Daddies” which will be released globally this Father’s Day (Sunday, June 16, 2013).

Here are the 100+ dads I have interviewed on video:

Video Interviews

Please leave us a comment below sharing the wisdom you have learned from these dads!