Chapter 18 – Disappointment

It was not something I was expecting. However, it was something that is importance.  My 18th interview took me to Coquitlam to interview Joe from the Apostolic Church that my friend Mo Qumarsi invited me to attend for their evening service. Joe caught me off guard when he brought up the subject of disappointment.  I thought to myself, how can you be disappointed with your children?  However, I have come to realize upon further reflection that no child can fully live up to their parent’s expectations so the unevitable result is disappointment.

Since little Rianne is only 11 months at the time of writing, there is very little that she could do or say that disappoints me.  Now that Joe has prepared me, I have realized not to set too lofty expectations for my daughter. I can’t put her on a pedestal or she will fall off.  I must simply treat her as a human being full of weaknesses and strengths.
Thanks to Joe for preparing me to learn about the importance of disappointment.