Chapter 17 – Play

My 17th interview was extra special because it was with my best man from our wedding Richard Leduc.  I have known Richard for the past 5 years from Coastal Church – we met in the fall of 2008 and have kept our friendship alive and strong even though I went from being single, to dating, to engaged, to married, and now a parent.  Richard literally has seen me go through all the important life stages.

Richard is a dad of 2 kids (one son and one daughter) Richard shared about the importance of patience, adaptation, the importance of listening, and how to be a dad.  Richard emphasized the importance of play.  He also shared that we need to verbally say, “I love you.” He talks to them first as a father and second as a friend.  Richard also talked about how to maintain a long-distance relationship with your children – his kids are in the East (Quebec) and Richard is in the West (Vancouver).  In addition, Richard shared about how he integrates both anglophone and francophone culture into his parenting style.

Thanks for teaching me I should never stop playing with my children.
Here is a look at the inspiring interview with Richard:



Richard Leduc