Chapter 15 – Adaptation

My 15th interview was with C.J. Saini at our 2nd annual Vision Boarding Party in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver.  C.J. is daddy of 2 daughters and grand-father of two grand-kids. One daughter is married and lives in Vancouver while the other is in Toronto.  C.J. talked about the importance of planning ahead, setting up RESPs, helping their kids with their education, and preparing your children for success.  C.J. talked about this journey as an immigrant from India to Canada and the process of adapting to a foreign culture.  He has an inspiring story as he sacrificed a good life in India for a hard-working life in Canada so he could leave a legacy for his children.

I can relate to C.J.’s story more from the perspective of his daughters than himself since I am a child of immigrant parents.  My mom and dad left India to Canada in search of a better life.  They started out in ordinary jobs as chef and factory worker and evenly got stable jobs at ICBC and Scotiabank.  Like C.J., my parents saved up for my education so I could commute to campus, have my tuition paid for, and even helped out with living expenses.  They instilled in me the importance of a strong education.  This is a legacy that has carried down into focus on building a savings for Rianne’s future education.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom on adaptation and integration, C.J.

Here’s a look back at the interview:



C.J. Saini