Chapter 14 – Joy

I learned the value of joy from my interview with Raj, our waiter during our double date with our good friends Tim & Angie, at New India Buffet on Broadway Ave in Vancouver.  Raj describes how when he comes home from work, no matter how hard his day was, he lights up with joy, when he sees his daughter joy. Raj is originally from India and now lives in Canada so he shared about balancing two very different cultures.

Our daughter Rianne brings me such joy.  Just this week, she dumped a whole bag of cheerios on the carpet in our bedroom.  However, I really couldn’t be angry since she was smiling away at me, playing totally innocent.  It was at this moment, seeing the sea of cheerios, that I realized that I will love her unconditionally no matter how bad she is or how much she messes up.  She bring me such joy just because of who she is.


Here’s the interview with Raj taken live on location at New India Buffet: