Chapter 13 – Encouragment

Moe Efan, father of 2 sons (11 and 3 years old) , taught me about the importance of encouragement during our interview about fatherhood at their beautiful family home in Surrey, BC, Canada. Moe also emphasized the importance of spending precious time with your children when they are very young as they tend to not want to spend time with you as they get older. Mo also challenged me when I asked him whether his wife and him have specific roles in parenting.  He made the point that they need to do whatever role is needed (rather than something strict and pre-assigned).

We need to support our children in whatever they do.  They need to make their own mistakes and learn from them.  We can’t always tell them what to do and how to do it.  As Rianne grows older, she may not (and probably will not) like the things I take her to, she will not like the same movies or music as me, she may like different food than me, different restaurants, different places to travel.  It’s our job as fathers to support our kids 100% and unconditionally (no strings attached).

Here is the original interview with Moe:



Moe Efan

Moe Efan