Chapter 11 – Faith

Interview 11 was with John Neufeld – Senior Pastor of Willingdon Church right after their annual Christmas Play.

Willingdon Church has a special place in the history of my wife and I since our 1st date took place in December 2009 (3 years ago).

Today, we met John Neufeld for the first time. It’s refreshing when you meet the guy who always speaks from the podium at the front of the room. At this moment, during this interview – it wasn’t a Senior Pastor preaching to a congregant. It was two dads having a dialogue about fatherhood. John has 3 kids (2 married sons and 1 married daughter).

John emphasized the importance of teaching your children about faith from as early an age as possible. We need to thank God for our children, pray for our children, and raise them with a Christian value system. He talked about having an eternal perspective on parenting. Our role as parents goes beyond the grave. What we teach them will live on through their own children and to the generations to come.

Thanks for the inspiring interview, Pastor John!

John Neufeld

John Neufeld

Here is the original interview with John Neufeld: