Visiting Every Country in South America

At the time of writing, we are in La Paz, Bolivia.

We first entered South America in April 2017 and our goal was to visit EVERY COUNTRY in South America by December 2017 (that’s 8 months to do 13 countries). Well…the good news is that we have already finished 11/13 countries and only have Chile and Uruguay left to go!

We spend an average of about a month per country (longer for the bigger countries and shorter for the smaller ones like the Guyanas). It’s hard to pick favourites but definitely Peru, Colombia, and Brazil are at the top!

So, here’s a rundown of our trip to South America so far in chronological order!


We spent 6 amazing weeks in Brazil starting off in Sao Paulo and then heading to Iguazu Falls and then volunteering at Chain of Love near Port Alegre and then traveling all the way up the East Coast/Atlantic Ocean from south to north stopping at Florianopolis , Balneario Camboriu, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Vitoria, Salvador, Recife, Natal, Fortaleza, and heading off our trip in Manaus to visit the Amazing Amazon Rainforest!


Since we saw the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, we had to cross over to see the Argentinian side too since 80% of the falls lies in Argentina. It was a great day trip with a lot of hiking to ensure we saw as much of the falls as possible. One of the highlights was doing the Boat Trip which went right under the falls and soaked us fully! We are planning to head back to Argentina after Chile to see the rest of the country!


Did you know that Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil are all visible from the Meeting of the 3 Frontiers. It’s a pretty impressive site as you can see all the countries from one spot – I have yet to see another place in the world with a similar panorama of 3 major countries. We decided to do a day trip to Paraguay to meet up with my friend Wakko who took us to the 3 Frontiers vantage point in Paraguay.


I’ve been looking forward to the Guyanas particularly because not many tourists go there and I love going off-the-beaten-path. French Guiana is definitely a unique part of South America as it’s technically part of the European Union, the local currency is the Euro, and it’s an overseas department of France with French as the national language and baguettes and croissants everywhere!


Suriname was my favourite country out of the Guyanas especially because of the beautiful capital city of Paramaribo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We did a day trip to the Plantations too exploring the local riverways, spotting Pink River Dolphins, learning about the Dutch colonization, trying out the delicious local food, and connecting with the friendly Surinamese people!


We did not do much in Guyana, mostly hung around Georgetown, exploring the historical centre and the botanical gardens, watched some movies in English, and worked hard on my Digital Nomad Mastery business. Guyana was a very unique fusion of South American, Caribbean, African, Indian, and British Culture.


My favourite country in South America so far because of so many different reasons including the friendly people, the rich culture, the delicious food, the amazing scenery, and the amicable weather. My favourite city was Medellin where we spent about 1 month, hosting my own Digital Nomad Mastery workshop, speaking at different events, and learning about life as an Expat in Colombia!


After much hesitation and back-and-forth, we finally decided to visit Venezuela. We only spent 2 days in the country at the border towns since the rest of the country was unsafe. It was weird exchanging money as we traded a $20 USD bill for a stack of about 500 bills in local currency. My kids especially loved playing with all the money as they felt we were rich!


Ecuador is a beautiful country much of it set in the Andes with beautiful volcanoes and mountains all around. It took a while to adjust to the altitude of Quito but we loved visiting the Equator, the Otavalo Market, the hot springs of Banos, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cuenca. Next stop: PERU!!

10) PERU

Definitely the most touristy country in South America and for good reason…there is so much to see and do! One of the trip highlights for me personally was to see Machu Picchu as it has been one of my biggest travel dreams for so long. I was literally in tears at the beauty and majesty of Machu Picchu! Make sure to add it to your Bucket List!


We just arrived in La Paz so we will update this section in the next couple of weeks!


This is the next country on the list so stay tuned for our reflections!


Stay tuned for updates when we visit Uruguay this November!

Which countries in South America have you been to so far? Leave us a comment below and let us know!!