Trip to Calgary

We decided to do a last minute trip to visit Anne’s sister in Calgary. We were debating how to get there (cheapest, most convenient, best views). After considering flying and driving, we finally decided to take the Greyhound (the cheapest option and it also allowed us to sit back and enjoy the journey). We tried to rent out our condo on Airbnb so we could earn some money while we were away but didn’t get any requests. However, we did get a few requests for November and December!

In Calgary, we got an Explore Calgary Media Pass from the Tourist Office visiting the Calgary Tower, Fort Calgary, and the Calgary Zoo. Plus, we had our stroller so we just walked around and explored a lot too. The riverside walk is really beautiful with picturesque views of the downtown skyline. Since it was the end of October, it was starting to get cold. However, we loved how almost every day and bright blue skies and virtually no rain. This was a stark contrast to rainy, cloudy, overcast Vancouver.

We’ll have to return to Calgary soon so that we can explore the surrounding areas such as Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper, the Icefields Highway, the Dinosaur Museum, etc. We were going to rent a car with a pick up in Calgary and drop-off in Vancouver but they charge a few hundred extra for a different drop-off location.

On the journey back to Vancouver, there was already fresh snow, when we drove past Banff through the Rockies. I’m glad that we didn’t drive since we just have all-season tires and it’s much more enjoyable to just sit and enjoy the snow from the warmth of a bus rather than slipping and sliding, worrying about dry ice, traffic, and weather conditioning worsening.

Anne’s sister was a great host. She’s planning on staying in Calgary a few more years so we’ll definitely be back! What better reason to return than a visit to our kids’ lovely aunty!

Here are some highlights from our trip:

Trip to CalgaryRocky MountainsCalgary TowerRianne the PainterFort CalgaryRCMP KidsBow RiverCalgary Zoo