The Yellow Boats – Sightseeing Tour

It’s been an amazing 2 weeks exploring Dubai. Before we left Dubai, we wanted to do something unique to see the city from a different perspective. While looking online, we came across The Yellow Boats and saw people getting some amazing pictures from inside one of their distinctive yellow boats. Seeing the beautiful pictures of some of Dubai’s landmarks from the comfort of a boat seemed like a fitting conclusion to our own family trip to Dubai.
Atlantis The Palm
Why the Yellow Boats?

1) Guided Commentary

We have done boat trips in the past where you just watch everything but wish you knew more details and there is no guide to explain things. Well, with The Yellow Boat’s knowledgeable and well-informed skippers, you won’t have any questions unanswered as there are several stops along the way, where the skipper gives you insider info that you won’t find in any guidebook.


2) Kid-friendly

Rianne and Ryan loved The Yellow Boats, especially when it did 360 degreedonuts and other trics as it zoomed around the Arabian Gulf. My wife and I felt totally safe since our kids had life jackets on and they sat between us. The skipper lifted both kids in and out of the boat and you can tell that he really had the safety of them in mind. Our kids kept saying “When can we ride The Yellow Boats again?” even after the trip was over!

3) Picture Opportunities

A lot of the pictures we take have lots of other tourists walking in and out of the shots. It’s almost impossible to get “The Perfect Shot.” So, you don’t feel that your picture stands out apart from everyone else’s. During The Yellow Boat trip, you will get unbelievable pictures of just you with Atlantis and the Burj Al Arab that will leave you astonished! Trust me, you will want to change your Facebook profile picture immediately when you get home from the trip! We certainly did!!

The Yellow Boats - Atlantis The Palm
We had such a memorable time with The Yellow Boats and are super grateful for the unforgettable experience. They have several different options and leave at multiple times every day. Wwould highly recommend you to take the 90 mins trip of Dubai. When you do, make sure you send me some pictures of you in front of Burj Al Arab and Atlantis The Palm!! Can’t wait to hear about your own trip with The Yellow Boat.
You can get more info and book your trip here:

The Yellow Boats