The Uniqueness of Uruguay

Our FINAL COUNTRY in South America! We have now visited all 12 countries in South America including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Suriname, Guyana, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and now Uruguay. It’s been an incredible 8 months of travel from April to December. It was our first ever visit to South America and we will definitely be back especially since we have yet to visit Antartica and the Galapagos Islands! Plus, we need to work on our Spanish! 😉

Uruguay is definitely off-the-beaten path as not many tourists go there compared to popular South American Destinations like Brazil, Argentina, and Peru. That’s why we loved it so much as it’s so remote, so unvisited, and….so unique.

Here’s the 5 places we visited during our 2 week trip to Uruguay:


We took the ferry from Tigre, Argentina to Camelo, Uruguay arriving after dark. We took a taxi from the Ferry Terminal to Camelo Hostel where we spent 1 night before exploring the city both by night and by day. There was not much to see and do but the town itself had a beautiful town square and it was nice to walk along the river. We were surprised how expensive Uruguay is…definitely on par with Argentina and one of the most expensive countries in all of South America! It’s a tough place to visit as a budget traveller.


There is a reason why Colonia del Sacremento is the number one Tourist Destination in Uruguay. It’s a beautiful UNESCO World Heritage City with lots of historical, colonial landmarks and attractions. You can even climb to the top of the Lighthouse for a beautiful view of the harbour and city. We spend several hours walking around, climbing up the walls, and catching a beautiful sunset before calling it a night! It really feels like you have either stepped back in time or time has stopped entirely when you walk around the town centre.
Colonia del Sacremento

An interesting capital city to say the least. There is an awesome pedestrian street that takes you from the Main City Square all the way to the water. I recommend visiting the Meat Market where you can eat Asado to your hearts content as the chefs cook delicious fresh meat in front of your eyes! There is a great mall to cool off in and watch the latest Hollywood flicks – we ended up watching the new movie Wonder which left all of us in tears. An awesome Family Film with some great life lessons!


My friend and fellow Family World Traveller Jennifer Powell has been raving about Punta del Diablo so we had to visit for ourselves. We loved exploring this remote town, the surrounding beaches, and getting a feel for off-the-grid living. We booked an incredible Airbnb with an outstanding view called Vía Verde Eco Bed & Breakfast. Here’s the link for you to stay there too on your next visit to Punta del Diablo – high recommendation!


Our final stop in Uruguay and our final stop of our entire South American trip was Punta del Este. There are lots of tourists, expats, and celebrities who visit this famous beach city. We loved the Hand in  the Sand Monument, the gorgeous Sunsets, and the picturesque Harbour. From Punta del Este, we took the local bus to the Montevideo Airport and slept in the 24 hours Airport since we had a super early morning flight to Mexico!

Now, that we have visited every country in South America, our next major goal is to visit every country in Central America so we will be traveling overland from Mexico to Panama. Stay tuned for lots of pictures, videos, and blog posts from the next stage of our Daddy Blogger World Tour!!