The Top Family Travel Bloggers in the World

Over the course of the last year, I’ve interviewed over 300 digital nomads and world travellers on my Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast. Although I have interviewed a lot of solo travellers and couple travellers, I have been particularly focused and passionate about family travellers since our family has been travelling nomadically for almost a year visiting about 20 countries and over 100 cities! One of my big passions is to inspire other families to travel more. Hence, I have been regularly on our blog, social media, podcast, YouTube Channel and doing Media Interviews about why and how families can travel more!

Family Travel Bloggers

So, what do all of these families have in common?

1) Trailblazers – They are living life outside of the box and not following convention or social standards

2) Dream-Achievers – They are radically following their dreams, not just talking about travel but actually doing it!

3) Inspirers – They are inspiring others to travel too – the best way to inspire someone else is to live it out yourself first!

However, there are also a lot of struggles including the Top 3:

1) Financial – establishing stable and consistent location-independent monthly income

2) Social – forming close friendships while on the road, finding other traveling families that can relate to you

3) Logistical – finding strong, stable, and fast wifi, packing & unpacking, checking-in and checking-out constantly

Family Travel
And, of course, there is The BIG Education Question – should you do home schooling, road schooling, un-schooling, self-directed learning, or some other form of schooling? There is no right answer to this question as every family and every child and every circumstance is totally different but there are definitely some general underlying principles you can learn from!

Family Travel to Peru
On these insightful and inspiring interviews, we cover both the highs and the lows of long-term family travel (6 months or more consecutively) as well as addressing the questions regarding Income Generation while Traveling and Schooling Options for children.

Here’s our Top Family Travel Bloggers:

Family Travel BloggersDo you know any other Digital Nomad Traveling Families we should interview? Please introduce us to them as we would love to feature them on our show next! Thanks for reading….and…for watching our interviews!