The Highest Building in the World – At The Top Burj Khalifa

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IMG_5209Make sure you add and cross off Burj Khalifa from the list!

Ever since we saw the beautiful Burj Khalifa being built, our dream was to go to the top to step foot inside the highest building in the world! Then after seeing the majestic tower in various movies (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Fast &  Furious 7), it made us want to visit even more! Well, this week, that dream came true as we visited At The Top Burj Khalifa (the highest observation platform in the world)IMG_5206

As we rode the elevator up and stepped foot onto the Outdoor Platform, my wife’s eyes’ were filled with tears as she said to me, “I can’t believe we are actually here!” Soon, my eyes got teary too as we looked down at the world below us! We were really on top of the world!
IMG_5215IMG_5216We went up around 4 pm and stayed until the sun set so we could see the view during both the day and the night. It’s really a different perspective. We got to see a very different view of The Dubai Funtain (we stayed for 3 shows) which is every 30 mins from 6 pm onwards! I recommend going around sunset – maximize your time on the Outdoor Deck before it gets dark because it can get cold once the sun has set. I also suggest booking your tickets in advance to ensure you get the timing you want (Sunset Visits are definitely super popular and sell out quick). and also to avoid the line-ups of people buying tickets directly at the venue. They have a limit to the number of people who visit each hour so it doesn’t get super crowded at the top. I like this feature as no one wants to be at the top when it’s over crowded.

Even though we are just in the early stages of our Round-The-World Trip, our trip to the top of Burj Khalifa has already become one of our favourite memories. Our kids can and will aways remember that mommy and daddy took them to the top of the world! The attraction is super friendly. The kids loved the pods they could relax in while watching the city and the desert below them. They also loved the Outdoor Deck and kept shouting “WOW!!” while looking down (watch the video below for their cute expressions)!

IMG_5220 IMG_5227 IMG_5238
Check out the Highlights Video we made from At The Top Burj Khalifa

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At The Top Burj Khalifa