The Guyanas (French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana)

Where the heck are the Guyanas?

I’m sure a lot of you are asking that question! I certainly knew very little about this part of the world until actually coming here! I just knew there were 3 tiny countries in the North-East of South America (that was the extent of my awareness).

Well, we decided to change that by coming and experiencing this beautiful part of the world for ourselves. Having spent 3 weeks in the Guyanas, I can honestly say “I LOVE THE GUYANAS!!”

I even found a random bus with “RICKY” on it in the middle of Suriname:
The Ricky Bus
Here’s our personal reflection on each of the 3 Guyanas!

1) FRENCH GUIANA (Former French Colony  & now an overseas Department of France)

We spent a total of 1 week (7 days, 6 nights) in French Guiana (2 nights in the capital of Cayenne, 2 nights in the Space Shuttle area of Kouru, and the final 2 nights in the former Prison area of Saint Laurent du Maroni). Seeing the Satellite Launch Area up close was very interesting. We also did an awesome day tour of the Salvation Islands (where the French held a lot of its’ prisoners including the world-famous Papillon). It is technically a part of the European Union and everything is in Euros which makes it crazy expensive!

2) SURINAME (Former Dutch Colony)

Finally, we found locals who could speak English! After 2 months travelling around South America speaking (or attempting to speak) Portuguese and Spanish, it was a relief that all Suriname citizens could speak basic English. We loved the capital of Paramaribo especially the Dutch Colonial Architecture and we did a Day Tour on a small boat to 3 different Plantations (where African Slaves and Asian Contract Workers used to harvest Coffee, Sugar, Bananas, Cotton, and more). We even got to catch a movie in 100% English without subtitles.

3) GUYANA (Former British Colony)

We loved the Guyanas people – super hospitable and kind! We hung out mostly in the capital city of Georgetown so I could record more interviews for our Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast. The famous waterfalls were a little too expensive for us to visit ($170 US each for a 6 hour day tour by small airplane). Guyana has a lot of Indians which made me feel somewhat at home and the national language is English (although with a very, very unique poetic accent which makes it hard for even native speakers to comprehend). 

I usually break our travels into 4 major components and I created short mini videos for each one so you will get a visual glimpse into life in the Guyanas:





Have you been to any of the Guyanas before? Please leave us a comment below letting us know how your experience was!

NOTE: There are technically 5 Guyanas based on the 5 major European Super Powers who fought for control of this region of South America:

1) Portuguese Guyana (North-Eastern Brazil)

2) Spanish Guyana (Southern Venezuela)

3) French Guiana (Department of France)

4) Dutch Guyana (now called Suriname)

5) English Guyana (now called simply Guyana)
French Guiana