The Charm of Colombia

Colombia: our FAVOURITE Country in South America so far! After 7 months of continuous travel, we needed a break. Of course, travel is a rush and there are so many benefits and joys. However, it’s easy to suffer burnout…especially when traveling with young kids. So, we decided to take a much need 1 month vacation from our vacation by setting up base in Medellin (The Digital Nomad Hot Spot of South America).


We spent about 1 week in Bogota staying in the area called Candelabra. Unfortunately, for the first few days, we were suffering from altitude sickness so we took the local remedy of Coca Tea, drank lots of water, and rested and recovered. We also did a Walking Tour of Old Bogota, saw the new Spiderman: Homecoming movie, and took the Cable Car up to Monserrate.


Flower Festival
What an amazing city!!

We absolutely fell in love with Medellin…especially because it is called “The City of Eternal Spring.” It’s not too hot (like Santa Marta) and not too cold (like Bogota) but it’s just right (just like the Goldilocks and the 3 Bears Story). We were also lucky enough to be in Medellin during their annual Flower Festival. We tried La Bandeja Paisa (“The Medellin Tray/Plate”), the local delicious cuisine. We also ended up taking all 3 Cable Cars, the Street Car, and the Metro. The final thing we did before we left was organize my very first Digital Nomad Mastery international workshop!

3) GUATAPE Guatape, Colombia
What a view! It took us over 600 steps but it was well worth it for the spectacular view of the lakes below! It’s a man-made lake system. The town of Guatape is quite beautiful too with gorgeous murals along the cobblestone streets. Our kids loved taking the auto-rickshaw from Guatape to the Rock (called a “Moto-Taxi” by the locals). I recommend staying overnight and enjoying the trip rather than rushing back and forth on a day trip from Medellin.


Cartagena is a eye-warming UNESCO World Heritage City on the Caribbean Coast. I loved the vibrant Colombia Flag-themed & coloured women selling products near the big Time Clock. We had a short time here so did the Horse Carriage Ride around the Old City as well as a 3 hour Tour of the New & Old Cities visiting the memorable & well-kept Traditional Fort and seeing the Spaniard-built walls. It was quite hot compared to Spring-like Medellin so have to keep out of the blazing sun in the daytime.


Medellin, Colombia
Time to hit the beach! Our kids were begging us for a swim in the ocean and since Bogota is too cold for swimming and Medellin is in the middle of the valley and land-locked, we finally had to take the plunge in the Caribbean Sea in Santa Marta. The actual beach is about a 20 minute public bus ride away and it is well worth the trip if you are needing some well-deserved R&R after a busy travel schedule! A little trivia for all of our readers: The Venezuelan Revolutionary Simon Bolivar (whose statue you will find in every major city in South America) actually died and was buried in Santa Marta before being taken back to his native Venezuela.


Calle and Medellin were once rivals with the Medellin Cartel and Calle Cartel battling it out (recently shown in the NARCOS Season 3 Episodes). Therefore, just like Medellin, the scarred city of Calle also has a dark past which shadows its’ rebuilding process. We did a Walking Tour as well as took a Bus Tour to see the Christ The King Statue overlooking the city! Next stop was a night bus to the border with Ecuador!

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