The Charm of Chile

Argentina is alluring, Bolivia is beautiful, and Chile is charming!

We had the chance to spend 3 weeks in Chile visiting San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, and Valparaiso traveling overland from Bolivia into Chile and then into Argentina. Chile is a loooong country so it takes a loooong time to get from North to South so plan for really loooong bus rides or be prepared for some flights. We love travelling fully overland as much as possible but we had to bear with some night buses to get to our destinations. I managed to get a lot of work done for our upcoming Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit on the bus rides plus got to listen to some inspiring podcasts!


San Pedro de Atacama was a beautiful town although quite expensive (especially when you come from dirt-cheap Bolivia)…it’s quite touristy so you have to get away from the 5 blocks of tourist-craziness to appreciate the town. We did the free walking tour from the Main Square. The stars are spectacular at night and a lot of the tour companies offer Astronomy Tours in the evening as well as Desert Tours to the surrounding Hot Springs and Steaming Geysers. Chile also has a weird 3 prong electric outlets so be prepared to buy an adaptor when you arrive (even our international multi-plug did not have the 3 prongs). From San Pedro, it was a long 23 hour bus ride into Santiago

What an amazing city!

We stayed at a beautiful Airbnb right in the centre of the city. It was only 2 blocks walk from Plaza de Armes (the main city square in Santiago) and had an amazing view of Santiago…plus some spectacular sunsets! Santiago has some talented Street Performers and Buskers (we especially loved the Drummers)! Check out all the videos below of the Santiago Street Performers! Santiago also has the tallest building in all of South America as well as some cool Cable Cars and Funiculars. Plus, we got to celebrate Halloween (Rianne as Minnie and Ryan as Iron Man) and Ryan’s 4th Birthday in Santiago (at Happy Land). Great memories of one of the most dynamic cities in South America!

Valparaiso was a gorgeous city aesthetically with 40 plus hills. They call it the cultural capital of Chile. To get around you can ride one of the 15+ funiculars. To really appreciate the city, I highly recommend doing one of the Free Walking Tours to get off-the-beaten path and learn about local culture and customs. They have some incredible street art and graffiti on the walls of the narrow streets. We also got to see the movie version of the famous “Condorito” kids’ cartoon at the local Hoyts Cinema. You can also do a day trip to Vina Del Mar which is only 8 km  or a short overland metro train or bus ride away. From Valparaiso, we took the overnight bus into Mendoza, Argentina!

Here’s Rianne and Ryan painting in the park in Valparaiso!

Here’s the view from our amazing Airbnb in Santiago:

Here’s some of our favourite Street Performers from Santiago: