The Allure of Argentina

Argentina is definitely alluring. Just the thought of it makes you want to come and visit! Argentina has been on our MUST-VISIT LIST for years so we were super grateful to be able to visit Argentina not only once but twice during our #DaddyBloggeWorldTour of South America. Our first visit was to Iguazu Falls when we crossed over from Brazil and our second visit was when we crossed over from Chile visiting Mendoza, Cordoba, Buenos Aires, and Tigre before heading to Uruguay (our final country and destination in South America).

Here’s our reflections of Argentina:


Iguazu Falls has been one of the most amazing attractions in our entire travels. Even though I have now been to 70+ countries on 6 continents, I’m still astonished when I stand in front of places like Iguazu. It’s really the incredible work of God: His Masterpiece for all the world to look at with awe and wonder. We did a Day Trip from Brazil to see both the Argentinian and the Brazilian sides of Iguazu and we did Boat Trips on both sides too. Definitely the Argentinian side is more impressive as it has 80% of the Falls. If you just do the Brazilian side you will have only seen 20% of the Falls so I highly recommend checking out both sides to really grasp how big Iguazu is.

We crossed over from Valparaiso to Mendoza on a Night Bus which was quite difficult as we had to do Border Crossings & Customs in the middle of the night. Definitely won’t be doing that again as it’s quite tough with young kids. We will be doing all of our overland border crossings during the day from now on. Mendoza is a beautiful city with a massive park to explore, a nice historical downtown area, and of course lots of surrounding wineries as Mendoza is home to some of the most famous Argentinian Wines!


We stayed only a block away from the bus station as we only had one night to spend in Cordoba before heading to Buenos Aires. However, we spent 3-4 hours exploring the historical parts of Cordoba which is a very lively and energetic college city. In fact, we met several University Students who spoke perfect English. One of the them was an enormous help as we could not find our Hotel as we arrived quite late on the bus from Mendoza! Thank God for Cordoban College Students who speak excellent English!


Buenos AiresWe based ourselves in Buenos Aires for 2 weeks as I was hosting our big Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit at the end of November. Luckily, our Airbnb had awesome Wifi and the Online Conference was a smashing success with lots of positive feedback from the participants. We first stayed in San Telmo and then in Recoleta and we explored Boca and Palermo. Buenos Aires is filled with Street Tango Dancing Performances and each suburb has it’s unique and distinct flavour. We loved the energy and ambience of Buenos Aires and it’s definitely one of our Top 10 favourite cities in the world.

Our final stop in Argentina was in the beautiful town of Tigre which is a one hour Train Ride from Buenos Aires. We really loved Tigre as there is gorgeous river and marshland surrounding the town and it has a peaceful and serene feel…definitely a great break and getaway from the hustle and bustle of neighbouring big city BA!

From Tigre, we took the ferry to Camelo, Uruguay so make sure you follow along as we write blog posts about every country we have visited in South America!