Staying at Island Vibe in South Africa

How family-friendly are backpackers hostels? That was the question that was running through our minds as we were planning our 5 week trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town in South Africa. Since we are using Baz Bus to travel across South Africa, it made sense to stay directly in hostels since the buses do door-to-door drop-offs and pick-ups at all the major backpackers in each city.

We are going to write up a separate blog post about our Top 10 Hostels in South Africa. However, in this blog post, I will be focusing on our stays at Island Vibe Backpackers, which has 3 hostels in Port Elizabeth, Jeffrey’s Bay, and Knysna. Overall, we were super happy with the Island Vibe Hostels and they rank at the top of the list of all the backpackers hostels we stayed in during our trip to South Africa.

So, here’s our reflections and experiences staying at all 3 Island Vibe Hostels.

Island Vibe Beach House


When the bus arrived in Port Elizabeth, we were keen to see what Island Vibe would be like since we have had different experiences at hostels so far (from very dirty to much cleaner). We were amazed when the Baz Bus pulled up to Island Vibe Beach House as it did not look or feel like a hostel at all. It was definitely more like a Flashpackers! The receptionist checked us into an amazing Family Room with a view of the Pool and Outdoor Garden. It was huge, clean, and perfect for our family.

Here is our video tour of the room:


We heard that this was a “Party Hostel” so we specifically asked for a Beachfront Room away from the noise. The friendly staff put us in a separate house away from the restaurant and bar with a gorgeous view of Jeffreys Beach. This was the best location of the 3 Island Vibes as you had a gorgeous beach-view, restaurant onsite, surfing lessons, and walking tours all organized by the hostel. We even did the hostel-ogranized Township Tour led by the wise and informative Goodman!

Check out our view and our room in this video:


We were very happy with our first 2 Island Vibe experiences and our satisfaction continued with Island Vibe Kynsna (3 for 3)! This was much more laid-back and about a 10 minute walk to Knysna Waterfront. The hostel organized a Sunset Boat Cruise to the Knysna Heads and we got an awesome room right on Main Street with our own Picnic Table and Patio. The internet was also awesome here so I was able to catch up on my blogging!

I did a video tour of the entire hostel from outside to inside:

A big THANK YOU to Island Vibe for hosting our family!

Have you stayed at Island Vibe before? We would love to hear about your experience!