Northern BC Loop

It’s our annual family tradition to do a few Road Trips each summer.

In August, we had the opportunity to do the entire Cascade Loop. In September, we decided to do a Northern BC Loop starting in Vancouver, taking a ferry from Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo, driving up from Nanaimo to Port Hardy, then taking the day long ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert.

From Prince Rupert, we drove to Prince George and then stopped in Barkerville, Quesnel, and Williams Lake before heading to the Cariboo-Chilcotin Coast staying overnight in Nimpo Lake and Bella Coola. In Nimpo Lake, we had the opportunity to visit our good friend George Probek who works every summer at Steward’s Lodge.

Finally, we drove back to Williams Lake and down through Hat Creek Ranch, Lytton, Boston Bar, Hell’s Gate, and Hope on our way back to beautiful Vancouver. We even managed to do the Rambo Tour in Hope exploring a lot of the sites from the movie including the famous Othello Tunnels.

It was a great trip seeing so much of our beautiful province. Both of our kids did a great job even though we were on the road a lot and it was rainy for the first part. Our kids are definitely amazing travellers! I think it’s good that we have been consistently taking them on travel adventures since they were young so it’s become normal to them.

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Here is a Video Highlights we made: