Lion and Safari Park

Our first safari experience!

Before our 3 day trip to Kruger National Park, we were debating whether to visit any other Animal Safaris. There are a lot of different Private Animal Parks to choose from in the Joburg area. It really depends on which animals you want to focus on!

Lion Safari Park
When we found out about the Lion Cub Encounters (a chance for our kids to play with lion cubs), we decided to check out Lion and Safari Park, which is about 1 hour north of Johannesburg (near the Cradle of Humankind and Lesedi Cultural Village).

There are a LOT of different activities to choose from including Lion and Cheetah Walks as well as several different safaris. We opted for the Intro Safari (which lasts about 1 hour) as well as the Cheetah Interaction and the Lion Cubs Interaction. We got to see several lions (many up-close) as well as African Wild Dogs, Giraffes, and Emus. Plus, we did the giraffe feeding to end off a jam-packed day!

This is a totally different experience from Kruger National Park and I would recommend doing both since Kruger is amazing for the abundance of wild animals you will see however Lion and Safari Park is incredible for the up-close, intimate, and personal encounters you can have with the Lion Cubs and Cheetahs!

Rianne and Ryan were surprisingly not scared of the lions (as you can see from the video below). I guess they thought of them as bigger versions of cats! My wife, on the other hand, was scared to pet the lions…can’t blame her! I loved all the animal encounters including petting an adult Cheetah!

The Lion and Safari Park has a shuttle service from many of the major hotels in Joburg or you can organize a driver and guide privately. If you start your day off early, you can combine the Lion and Safari Park with the Lesedi Cultural Village and Cradle of Humankind since they are all in the same area.!

Cheetah Encounter
Check out the #GiraffeKisses we got in the video below: