Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Where is a good place to take the kids on a vacation that’s not too far from Vancouver?

Look no further than Harrison Hot Springs! We got invited on a sponsored trip to stay at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa overlooking the beautiful and serene Harrison Lake. It was a jam-packed two days full of activities and adventure. When we first arrived, we had a delicious dinner at the Lakeside Cafe where we got to meet the other bloggers who were invited on the trip. The hotel invites different types of bloggers to the resort at various times of the year – it was the first time they’d ever had a dad blogger on one of their blog events. It’s always an honour to be “the first dad blogger” to represent the growing number of daddy bloggers around the world.

Dinner was amazing so we were excited to see how our room looked. Not only were we fed like kings and queens, we going to sleep like them too. Our room was in the West Tower overlooking the lake. We were shocked at the size of our suite when we walked through the door – not only were there two queen-sized beds, but there was a whole extra living room next door where we could relax, work on my blog, and gaze at the lake view from our two separate balconies. They even had two washrooms – one for me and one for my wife!  Just seeing the room, we could feel we were in for an amazing trip. If only I could wake up and go to sleep to a lake view every morning – it would certainly feel like paradise on earth.

On Saturday, we started the day with a two hour trip on Harrison Lake stopping at the Rainbow Falls. The guide went through a history of the Harrison region and showed us a lot of the rock formations around the perimeter of the lake. Our daughter Rianne really enjoyed the boat trip, staying calm and collected for the entire trip. She even got to share some Cheetos with one of the other kids on the boat. If only adults could learn to share and connect with others the way children naturally and instinctually befriend strangers.

After the boat trip and a nice lunch at outdoor patio of the Islands Bar, we were off on our Quadracycle Tour of the town of Harrison. The quadracycle fits two adults and two children or you can get a limo version that fits up to four adults. Both my wife and I had to pedal for us to move smoothly – it became a lot harder when Anne stopped pedalling. However, being three months pregnant, I tried my best to do the majority of the work even though my legs were paining for the rest of the day. As the saying goes, “Happy wife, happy life!”

What better way to unwind after the boat and bicycle tour than a relaxing swim in the Hot Springs. The resort has five separate pools that are private only for hotel guests – much less crowded than the busy public pools in Harrison. There is a special Family Pool where parents and children can enjoy a nice swim without distractions. Rianne always gets so cold when we take her to our community swimming pool so she loved the nice, warm feel of the spring water. The private hot springs were definitely a highlight of the trip – I tried out all five hot springs (two indoor, three outdoor) while my wife and daughter relaxed in the family pool.

We had a nice dinner at the Swiss Gourmet Restaurant and a delicious gelato at Chantilly Ice Cream, checked out the Harrison Festival of the Arts, and took Rianne to the beach to play in the sand and on the swings in the Children’s Playground before calling it a night. As Rianne fell asleep on our way back to the hotel, we popped into The Copper Room to listen to some live music. There is a lot to do in Harrison besides just the springs – there is eagle watching, water sports, boat trips, hiking trails, golfing, shopping, museums, people watching, and more. It was hard to leave the amazing view from our rooms as we checked out the next day but all good things must come to an end. Since Harrison is only a 90 minute drive from Vancouver, we’ll definitely be back!

This was an inspiring trip with a variety of travel, culture, music, arts, nature, and luxury thrown into the mix. A big thanks to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa for treating bloggers in style. It’s weekends like this that make the hours put into maintaining a blog all worth it. We are so grateful for the opportunity to spend a weekend away from the bright lights, big city of Vancouver at the natural lights, small town of Harrison.

To book an amazing family trip at Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa, click on the link below – make sure you tell them “Daddy Blogger sent you” and they’ll treat you extra special! 🙂















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