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We are heading off on our Round-The-World (RTW) Adventure on Wed, Dec 7, 2016 with our first stop in Manila, Philippines to celebrate Anne’s Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary. We will be in Manila for Christmas and New Years as well as doing some Island Hopping in Bohol and Camiguin.

From the Philippines, we will be visiting Anne’s brother in Hong Kong while doing our first family trip to Disneyland. From Hong Kong, we will be visiting Anne’s sister in Dubai. Then, it’s off to South Africa travelling overland from Johannesberg to Cape Town as well as doing an African Safari. Lastly, we will be making our way through South America, Central America, and North America. The only 2 continents we are leaving out are Europe and Australia (I’ve been to both before so we will save these 2 places for a future trip).
This will be an amazing learning opportunity for our kids while at the same time bringing our family closer together. We will be doing a combination of family sightseeing as well as learning about the local food, culture, and history. We will focus on integrating into local culture by taking public transport, staying at Airbnbs, and exploring off-the-beaten path non-touristy areas. We’d also love to meet more locals so please let us know who you know while we are on the road!

Family Travel Bloggers

Here is our general route (might change based on circumstances

Philippines (Manila, Bohol, Camiguin, Tagatay, Corregidor)

China (Hong Kong, Macau)

(Dubai, Abu Dhabi)

South Africa
(Johannesberg, Kruger National Park, Cape Town)

South America
(Brazil, Argentina, Peru)

Central America
(Panama, Costa Rica, Belize)

North America
(Mexico, US, Canada)

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What are YOUR big travel plans for 2017? Leave us a comment and let us know!!