Elephant Sanctuary at Hazyview

It’s one thing to see animals in the wild, it’s a whole different experience interacting with them up-close. During our 3 day Animal Safari at Kruger National Park, we must have seen 50-80 animals in the wild feeding, bathing, and crossing the road. Our kids loved these animals so we decided to visit the Elephant Sanctuary in Hazyview for a more personal and intimate encounter!
Elephant Sanctuary Hazyview

We started off with a visit to the stables and learned about Elephant Anatomy. Then was the moment we were waiting for – a chance to interact with these Gentle Giants. First was Rianne, then Ryan, and finally me. We got to touch the trunk, ears, tail, body, legs, knees, and even the toes!

The highlight was walking trunk-in-hand with the elephants! Plus, we got to feed the elephants. Both Rianne and Ryan loved interacting with the elephants. We ended off this memorable trip with an Elephant Kiss – watch the video to see how it looked: