Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit

We are excited to announce our upcoming Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit at the end of November. It was this time last year that our family was still in Vancouver, BC, Canada (in the midst of a gloomy winter). We were dreaming and desiring to travel the world. The key is to move from dreaming to doing.

Digital Nomad Mastery Virtual Summit
Finally, that dream came true on Dec 6, 2016 (Our Dream Day) – the day we followed our dreams to travel the world. Since December of last year, we have taken our kids around the world visiting 4 continents and almost 20 countries. Our focus has been South America (having visited 12 out of the 13 countries so far. Only Uruguay left to go). Overall, I’m at 73 countries on 6 continents.

Now that our travel dreams have come true (well, a lot of them…still a lot of travel dreams still to fulfill) my goal is to inspire people to travel more. One of the major obstacles people face is lack of money and lack of time. Therefore, we created a series of different products and services as well as lots of resources on our Digital Nomad Mastery website to help aspiring and new digital nomads including:

Coaching Program

1) Private Coaching

2) Mastermind Groups

3) Online Courses

4) Podcasts 

5) Virtual Summit

Having recorded over 300 podcast episodes with travellers from around the world, we have been super inspired by all the real-life case studies of people who have made full-time travel a lifestyle instead of a vacation or a short-term trip. There are certainly lots of challenges associated with the digital nomad lifestyle which we will cover in-depth on our upcoming summit.

Digital Nomad Mastery Podcast
The focus of the Virtual Summit will be MAKING MONEY ONLINE (MMO) since having multiple streams of online income allows you the 3 big freedoms (Money Freedom, Time Freedom, Geography Freedom). My wife and I recently compiled a list of over 100 ways to make money online as a Digital Nomad. We will be sharing this resource with all of our Summit Attendees so stay tuned.


Well, there are a few reasons:


Equator in Ecuador
The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who solves a problem for people at a profit. Entrepreneurs fill a need or void or gap in the marketplace. Being a serial entrepreneur, I am always looking to solve problems that I see. Being a former Conference Producer, it was only natural that I would transition my skill for producing offline events to producing virtual summits. When I saw that there were no other virtual summits specifically targeting digital nomads, I naturally decided to create the world’s first and only digital nomad virtual summit.


There is a big need for education for aspiring and new digital nomads since it’s a growing trend where more and more people are seeking location-independent and freelance remote work. There are online courses (including 3 courses that I have on Udemy), YouTube videos, blog posts, and websites about becoming a digital nomad. There are also a couple of offline conferences. However, there is no virtual summit so it makes sense for nomadic travellers to be able to watch from anywhere around the world at their convenience.


I am very grateful for all the travel I have done in my life and one of my big goals is to help others see what I have seen and experience what I have experienced of this beautiful world that we all share. Bringing together over 20 digital nomads and world travellers to speak about their passion for travel as well as over 500 attendees from around the world during one intensive week will be a game changer in the travel industry. We look forward to this first virtual summit being the first one of many more to come!

This Virtual Summit will be 100% LIVE (as opposed to a lot of the other summits which are recorded in advance). This will give you a chance to ask the speakers questions live in real time. For those who can’t watch all the sessions live because of work or family commitments, time differences, or other reasons we have all the recordings available for only $97 (for the first 97 people). Then, the price goes up to $147. We also have several bonuses including speaker gifts for our VIP Attendees including an exclusive Facebook Group where you can engage and ask questions directly to the speakers.

Make sure you register for the Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit on our website:

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