Cozy Cabins Nature Resort

Every summer, our family loves taking road trips. Last year, we did the Cascade Loop, Vancouver Island, and Northern BC. This year was the Sunshine Coast, the Coast Mountain Loop, and the Okanagan. We travelled around the Okanagan a few years ago with just our daughter before Ryan and Renzo were born and have been wanting to go back ever since!

This year, we got an invite to stay at the beautiful Cozy Cabins Nature Resort from my friend Erik Hatterscheidt, the President of Basic Bananas Canada. Erik’s parents Harald and Kim have owned Cozy Cabins for the past 20 years and are one of the most hospitable couples we have ever met. Honestly, this was one of our best vacations yet as it was a time of deep connection with my wife and kids away from technology and enjoying nature and family!
Cozy Cabins
Cozy Cabins is about an hour east of Vernon near the town of Lumby and is a good getaway from the summer vacation crowds who flock to Kamloops, Kelowna, Penticton, Osoyoos, and the rest of the Okanagan while still being close enough to explore the area on day trips (we visited Kelowna City Park, Kangaroo Creek Farm, and O’Keefe Ranch during our trip).

Here are our top 5 reasons for staying at Cozy Cabins:


It’s very rare in this day and age of commercial tourism to get the intimate and personal hospitality that Harald and Kim provide. In the summers, they have a weekly communal meal and often Harald will take kids on the RV around the resort. They raised their 3 kids on the resort and love hosting young families such as ours. Plus, Harald and Kim know the area extremely well since they have lived here for over 20 years so they give you lots of tips about sightseeing and exploring.

Here is an interview with the owners Harald and Kim:


No TV, no Cell Phones, and no Internet. Yes, no technology whatsover…just nature and family. It’s been a while since we have taken a “Tech-free” vacation…actually, it might be the first time we were entirely tech-free during our entire stay! Since there is no cell or wifi, you can’t “cheat” or “check our emails and social media quickly.” You really realize that you don’t need to check the internet, emails, and social media as you tend to do living in the city. Instead, we played board games, sat around the fire, roasted marshmallows and s’mores, went for walks, and connected with each other and with nature. There is a private lake on the property and each cabin has a private boat you can use for the duration of your stay.

Lynx Cabin

There are lots of different walks and hikes in the area. I took Rianne and Ryan on the trail to Echo Lake Provincial Park while mommy stayed with Renzo at the cabin. We even met up with some teenagers who had got some trout and were roasting it right near the lake. You can go along one side of the private lake at Cozy Cabins and then circle back around the other side. There are also more advanced hiking options for those without young kids like ours. Plus, there is a private playground for younger kids right on the resort!

Echo Lake

The kids loved the private lake as well as playing with some of the other kids who were staying in the resort. Rianne quickly met another girl who was only a few months younger than her! Soon, they were building sand castles, looking at tad poles, and chasing around the mini frogs that were along the lake. Since the kids bonded so easy, it made it easy for us to connect to the other parents too! There is a rope swing along the lake and a diving platform in the middle as well as your own private boat assigned to each cabin which you can use for free during your stay!

Cozy Cabins Nature Resort


The family bonding is really at the heart of every one of our trips…more important than any sightseeing is the deep connections we make and the ever-lasting memories that help form our kid’s identities. Unlike other hotels at Cozy Cabins, the kids couldn’t ask us “Can we watch?” right when they arrived home. Instead they asked us a much better question, “Can we play?” Plus, since we were away from our work, we could focus 100% on them and their unique needs….they really just need us and each other. Our cabin had lots of board games so I got to teach them about Battleship, Clue, Magic Tricks, and even attempt to build a 1,000 piece puzzle! Plus, they loved learning how to light a fire both inside and outside the cabin. Plus, roasting marshmallows and s’mores is something they will remember forever! And, the food seems to taste so much better when cooked on the outdoor grill rather than the kitchen stove. Our kids keep saying, “When can we go back to the cabin, daddy?”

Family Bonding

Warning: Cozy Cabins books up quickly and is usually full during the high season so make sure you make your booking for Summer 2017 as soon as possible!

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