Chung King Mansion in Tsim Sha Tsui

In addition to sightseeing and food recommendations, I’ll be reviewing different hotels, resorts, and accommodation options for travelling families. Some will be sponsored media stays and some will be just unique accommodations that I think our readers will find informative.

Chung King Mansions
Most budget travellers find themselves at Chung King Mansions in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon at some point during their stay in Hong Kong. In 2003, when I first visited Hong Kong as a solo backpacker, I stayed in Chung King. Now, in 2017, I’m back this time with my wife and 3 young kids.
Hong Kong is notorious for it’s expensive yet small accommodation. It’s almost impossible to find budget options in the heart of Kowloon…except for Chung King. The rooms are small yet you can get cheap prices especially if you are willing to bargain. We booked our first 2 nights online but then we bargained for a cheaper room when we were there.

Chung King is a massive 16 story concrete building that is lit up in flashing neon lights at night right on Nathan Road with over 4,000 residents living there (with a mix of locals, short & long-term residents, and tourists). It is divided into 5 blocks (A, B, C, D, E). Blocks A & B tend to be the busiest (with long lines to get up the elevators). There are dozens of shops selling everything imaginable and a very multicultural ambience (with many South Asians, Africans, and ethnic minorities conducting business here too).

The location is amazing and some of the rooms have sea views (yes, you can get a sea view room for under $100 Canadian)! We were able to walk to the Star Ferry, Evening Light Show, Night Market, Hong Kong Cultural Centre, and more. There are dozens of restaurants within walking distance of Chung King. Plus, the MRT is only 2 mins walk away to discover the rest of Hong Kong and the airport bus stops only minutes from the entrance!
We stayed at Park Inn for the first 2 nights and then Ashoka Delta Guest House for 4 more nights. Park Inn was bigger and cleaner and had a better view but was more expensive than Delta. We looked at several rooms and bargained a lot to get a good rate (about $60 Canadian for a Family Room).

Some suggestions and hints:

1) Bargain for a Cheaper Rate once you Arrive

2) Make sure you check for Bugs and Insects in the Rooms

3) Compare Guest Houses before making a Booking

Here are some pictures and videos of Chung King:

This is NOT a sponsored post – I just felt it would be useful for other families looking for budget accommodation in Hong Kong!

Happy Travels!!