6 Weeks in Brazil Overlanding from the South to the North

Our 6 weeks in Brazil have come to an end!

We started in Sao Paulo, took the bus to Iguazu and then down to Port Alegre which is the biggest city in Southern Brazil. Then, we travelled overland the entire coastline from Rio to Fortaleza.

Our 3 favourite places were:



Christ the Redeemer
Here’s a recap of our trip so far:

1) Sao Paulo (4 nights)

Sao Paulo was a massive culture shock because for the first 5 months of our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour we were able to speak to the locals (Philippines, Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa). Sao Paulo almost nobody spoke English which was very difficult.

2) Iguazu Falls (3 nights)

Iguazu Falls is one of the MUST-DO SIGHTSEEING ATTRACTIONS in Brazil.

3) Chain of Love Homes (2 nights)

Within 2 days and 2 nights of spending time at Chain of Love, we were so moved emotionally that we sponsored one of the children we met: Samuel!

4) Port Alegre (1 night)

This was just a pit stop.

5) Florianopolis (1 night)

For the first time on our current #DaddyBloggerWorldTour, we rented a car!

6) Bulneario (1 night)

We were not supposed to come here initially but thanks to the convincing of my Hillsong buddy Joelson, we ended up visiting and absolutely loved it!

7) Curitiba (1 night)

Another city that was not originally on our list.

8) Rio (8 nights)

WOW! What an amazing city!

9) Vitoria (day trip only)

To break up the journey between Rio and Salvador, we decided to visit Vitoria. Plus, a friend we met at 33 South Backpackers in Cape Town promised to give us a tour of his hometown!

10) Salvador (2 nights)

Wish we had longer!

11) Recife (2 nights)

Too bad we got sick.

12) Natal (1 night)

Beautiful beach but we did not have to time to really enjoy it.

13) Fortaleza (2 nights)

My cousin Shohan connected us to his Brazilian friend Joao.

14) Manaus (5 nights), Amazon (3 nights)

Definitely, one the highlights of our visit to Brazil!

15) Santarem (1 night)

A beautiful riverside town.

16) Belem (1 night)

Our last night in Brazil. Next Stop: French Guiana!!