Thuggies: Life is Short, Live it Long

“Life is short, live it long” – when I heard that creative slogan for the Vancouver-based clothing company Thuggies, I was immediately intrigued. Thuggies is a company that is ultra fun and laid back – they are serious about their mission to produce comfortable, cost-effective, and creative clothing while at the same time being true to their joyful, easy-going brand imaging. They have found this rare and important balance of being strongly functional yet highly fun at the same time!

We recently received some Thuggies for our family to wear: the original orange Thuggies hoodie for me, a neon orange Thuglet for our son Ryan, and a beautiful pinkie Thuglet for our daughter Rianne. Our kids love wearing their Thuggies, I’m not sure if it’s because of the cool name, the fact they are bright and colourful, or because they are super comfortable (I think it’s a combination of all three factors)! I also love the Thuggies hoodie for when I am chilling out at home or working on my computer!

I really love how comfortable they feel and when it’s extra chilly or if you are going out in the cold, rain, or snow, just put the hoodie on! They have a widened neck opening which keeps it nice and loose when wearing them and also the Kangaroo pouch is good for carrying keys, cell phones, and even small toys, pacifiers, or a baby bottle! I found it creative they even have special slot specifically designed to put your Smart Phone in. So, if you are one of those people who are constantly misplacing your smart phone or keys, now you have a special place so you’ll always know just where it is!

They have several different products including:

1) Original & Zip Thuggies

2) Funzie Onesies

3) Kids’ Thugglets

4) Sweatshirts, Teas, Tanks, & Summer Wear

5) Beanies, Hats, & Chuggies

Here’s our Video Review of Thuggies:

You can save 10% on your first order and also get free shipping and handling anywhere in North America when you spend over $100! And, if you are not sure exactly what to buy your loved one this Christmas, they also have Thuggies Gift Cards for $10 and up so you can get your loved one whatever they personally like!

Check out the Thuggies website for some of their creative, cosy, and comfortable products:

Thuggies – Products

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