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Usually, there seems to be a massive divide between fashionable clothes and high performance outfits. However, thanks to Quincy Samycia and Meghan Conyers, the co-founders of Strongbody Apparel, there is finally a solution! Even in my case, I live in Burnaby and my personal trainer is in Downtown. Usually, I will have an appointment before or after my workout and always wish I had more stylish workout clothes so I can run errands without being so self-conscious about the fact I’m still in my workout outfit!

Quincy and Meghan have recently launched their Kickstarter Campaign for Strongbody Apparel! Some of the awesome features of Srongbody include its’ sleek style and performance fit, its’ odor-fighting nano-technology, its’ non-toxic and eco-friendly design, and its’ focus on social responsibility (they help feed a child for every product purchased)! Plus, one of the things I love is that it is both locally-designed and locally-made which helps our economic thrive instead of outsourcing overseas!

Strongbody has a variety of different products that are already designed and going to be designed in the future including:

1) Essential Tank Tops

2) Pulse Sport T-Shirts

3) Performance Shorts

4) Warm Up Pants

5) Flex Hoodies

6) Logo Caps

What’s amazing is they have created a fabric that doesn’t smell. It’s designed from crab and shrimp shells!

You can learn more about the fabric here:

Strongbody Apparel – Fabric & Technology

Here’s what Strongbody’s co-founder Meghan Conyers had to say:

“When you sweat in your gear day after day it is nearly impossible to get rid of the lingering smell. The materials many brands use for their technical clothing actually hold onto the smell. The issue is bacteria – it releases odorous molecules as it breaks down the proteins in sweat,” explains Strongbody’s co-founder Meghan Conyers. “The best solution is to include antibacterial properties into the clothing, and we have done this in a manner that is 100% safe for you and the environment.”

Watch the following video to find out more info about Strongbody:

Once again, here’s the link to make a pledge on Kickstarter:

Strongbody – Kickstarter Campaign

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