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Have you figured out what is causing you stress?

Is it lack of exercise? Lack of sleep? Poor diet? Overworking?

How about your living environment?

As parents of 2 young kids (3 year old Rianne and 1.5 year old Ryan), one of our major stress triggers is not having a clean living environment. I must admit, with kids, it’s super tough to ensure they always eat on the dining table, that they put away their toys, that they don’t spill stuff on the carpet. It’s definitely easy to get out of hand.

A few weeks ago, I decided to surprise my wife Anne with a 4 hour deep cleanse of our place from the friendly team at Profdy. The maids from Profdy arrived early and brought everything they needed with them. I decided to stick around and get a few pictures and observe what they were doing. They started in the kitchen, cleaning the microwave, stovetop, and kitchen sink. All the stains and spills removed fully! Then was the living room and dining room!! I was super happy by how clean my office desk looked! They even removed all the crumbs from between the sofa cushions and dusted the bookshelves! Next was the washroom – they were super thorough cleaning the bathtub, toilet, and sink. Next up was the bedrooms and the glass doors and walls. Finally, the girls mopped the floors and vacuumed all the carpeted areas.

Our place really looked like we had just bought a brand new condo!! Only one word can summarize my reaction: “WOW!”

Here are some pictures showing the results:
The team at Profdy are offering our Daddy Blogger readers a very special discount of only $25/hour (that’s the lowest price in the market currently). With such high quality cleaning at such affordable prices, I highly recommend getting a few hours of house and carpet cleaning done! Since the cleaning, our relationship has been stronger and we are more motivated than ever to keep our place clean!!

Thanks, Team Profdy!

Here is a video I made immediately following the cleaning:

Here is the reaction when my wife came home and saw our place fully clean:

Once again, here’s the link to get your:

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