Pampr Mobile Massage

Daddy Blogger massageHaving two young kids is super stressful especially lately since they are fighting more and more!

I finally understand parents who yell at their kids “Stop fighting”, “Don’t hit your brother”, “Give it back to him”, etc. If any of you who are reading have young kids and have a solution/advice for fighting siblings, let me know!

AnneA couple of weeks ago, my wife and I finally had a stress-free evening! It was “Date Night at Home” for Anne and I thanks to Pampr Mobile MassagePamper is the only mobile massage service in Vancouver that can have a  masseuse at your home within one hour of calling/requesting a massage!! What incredible service! My wife put both kids to bed while Brianna and Victoria set up the Massage Tables in our Living Room.

Then, we dimmed the lights, closed our eyes, let the stress go, and let Brianna and Victoria work their magic. My wife gets tickled easily during her massages so she asked for more for a Deep Massage. For me, I love variety and I love to know what’s happening, so I went for a combination of both Swedish and Deep Tissue!! A few minutes into the massage, I felt so calm and relaxed and soon forgot the stress of running several businesses, ongoing to-do lists, dealing with 2 young kids, and work-life balance!

Overall, we both loved the experience and would gladly recommend Pampr to our readers, friends, and family! After the massage, my wife gave me a massive hug – I knew I had just scored a big win in the “Good Husband” column! As the saying goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life!”

Here’s my interview I did with Brianna about Pampr:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.50.23 PMPampr Mobile Massage