18th Amendment Barber Shop

Men’s Grooming is a hot trend lately and Daddy Blogger is always looking to review the best grooming places and recommend them to our readers!! This week, we got invited to 18th Amendment Barber Shop in the heart of  Gastown to do a review of their recently-opened shop. Immediately, as I was walked in, I was amazed by the 1920s ambience (hence the name 18th Amendment referring to the Prohibition Era in the 20s). Even the chairs you sit on while getting your haircut are over 100 years old and have been fully refurbished and restored!

I got a haircut with the head barber Jake Hurn and we connected immediately since we had both done a lot of traveling. In my early 20s, I did a Working Holiday Visa in London, England (where Jake is from) and for 2 years, Jake is doing a Working Holiday Visa in Vancouver, Canada. Jake shared lots of great stories with me during the haircut and before you knew it, we had a younger, fresher, clean-cut Daddy Blogger!!

18th Amendment offers a range of different services from a traditional cut to a beard shave, a beard trim, a moustache trim, a facial, and even father-son Sunday where you and your child can get haircuts together! They also carry a wide selection of high quality grooming products and the friendly staff can tell you what’s best for you. They also offer a Gastown Residents discount so make sure you ask if you live in the area and make sure you let them know “Daddy Blogger sent me!”

Here’s  the interview I did with Jake during my haircut:


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