Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant

You had me at $4.50 lunch!! Yes, you can eat for less than $5 at an actual restaurant in Vancouver!

When we saw the sign “$4.50 Lunch Special Weekdays from 3-5 pm” we knew we had to stop for a bite to eat at Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant on East Hastings St in North Burnaby in the Heights (only a few blocks from where we live). Of course, when you walk in, you end up spending more than $4.50 because you usually order another dish or a drink or dessert.

In our case, we opted for the $4.50 BBQ Pork Fried Rice as well as a half-order of duck so we ended up spending just under $20 (pretty good deal for a nice meal for a family of four). The quantities were quite big and we even ended up taking some home for the next day.The restaurant was completely empty when we went there from 4-5 pm. It almost looked like it was closed since the staff were busy cleaning and preparing for the dinner rush.

We really enjoyed the food, the ambience, the affordability, and the friendliness of the staff at Wah Lun Chinese Restaurant. They even gave a whole handful of fortune cookies to our daughter when we left. Rianne was certainly happy. Anyone that can make our daughter that happy is definitely a friend of ours! We’ll be back…and, next time, we’re bringing company!