So Crab So Good

My wife and I are always looking to try out unique dining experiences. You may have read some of our fun food adventures such as eating in the complete dark at Dark Table or eating a 2 foot hot dog at the PNE or eating at The Waterfall Restaurant in the Philippines! We love all types of dining traditions from around the world including the traditional romantic elegant candlelit meal to the all-you-can-eat buffets to Korean or Japanese style sitting with your legs crossed on the tatami mats to communal dining at African restaurants to a simple fish & chips outside on a park bench.

Living only a few blocks from the popular seafood restaurant So Crab So Good, we finally decided to give it a try after driving and walking past it dozens of times. So Crab So Good  is definitely unique in every sense of the word! First of all, right after you are seated, the waitress puts some disposable paper to cover up your entire table and hands you some plastic gloves. Then, after ordering your meal, she brings out the food in a giant aluminum cylinder and literally tips it over so all the food is on the table. It’s old school eat with your hands style at So Crab So Good. You throw all the shells in the same cylinder the food came in!

You can choose from a variety of sauces and adjust the spiciness level according to your preference. We went for Combo A which included shrimp, clam, mussel, corn, red skin potato, and sausage which costs $15.99 with a minimum of 2 orders. For the sauces, we had the garlic butter mixed into the seafood as well as a side of Holy Smokes (which was a unique spicy, sour, sweet blend). If you check in on Facebook during your meal, they even include some free pasta (a nice touch to increase their social media marketing). Overall, the food was delicious and we enjoyed the unconventional and memorable way of eating.

We look forward to coming back and trying some of their other unique menu items!

So Crab So Good