Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen

Delicious Indian Food!

Today was our 2nd visit to Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen located in the hip and trendy Commercial Drive in East Vancouver.  The 1st time, I’d come with my wife and daughter and absolutely loved the delicious food and elegant atmosphere.  This time, I came as part of the Silk Road Dishcrawl.  Since this was the 1st of four places, we just got a little mini-appetizer with butter chicken, eggplant, and nan bread.  The owner is a dad of 2 kids (one is two years old and the other is due this September).

Siddhartha’s is a very authentic Indian restaurant in terms of the taste but a very modern looking ambience with giant paintings and murals on both the inside and the outside.  It really feels over-westernized yet the taste is highly localized (interesting blend of the traditional and the modern).  When you drive down Commercial Drive heading south, you can’t miss the artistic mural adorning the side of the building pointing you to come and stop for a bite to eat. As a South Asian whose ethnicity can be traced back to India, I definitely give Siddhartha’s my stamp of approval…as an Indian, as a Foodie, and as a Dad.

I love supporting family-run restaurants as it helps build the local economy and puts food on the table twice (for us and for them)!

Here are some pictures from our visit: