Red Ginger Asian Cuisine

Sunday is family day. It’s a chance for us to go to Church, have a nice meal together, and then enjoy a family activity with the kids. Each Sunday, we are always on the hunt for a creative restaurant that is kid-friendly! Some of the things we look for are good location, delicious food, reasonable prices, booster seats and high chairs, and of course other families with kids eating there too!

This week, we decided to try out Red Ginger Asian Cuisine on Broadway and Oak! It fit all the criteria we look for in a kid-friendly restaurant. This place is a staple on the Broadway Cuisine Circuit serving delicious Asian Fusion meals with hefty portions and very affordable prices! In fact, they even have a $7.95 Lunch Special which is almost big enough for 2 people to share! We were welcomed by the friendly owner Kam and his son who helps out with waiting, taking orders, and serving food.

We opted for a variety of dishes including:

1) Attap Pork Curry 

2) Chicken with Green Beans

3) Nasi Goreng Beef Fried Rice

They also have a 2 for 1 coupon in the Entertainment Book if you want to save even more money! The 3 meals we chose were all super delicious and were mild enough for our kids to enjoy too! You can see a cute video of Ryan eating with his hands below! We had quite a bit left-over so we packed some up for lunch the next day. Not only was the food plentiful and delicious, the ambience warm and welcoming, but the owner Kam is super friendly! Make sure you connect with him during your next visit!

Here’s some fun videos we made at Red Ginger: