Indian Wok

My wife and I love FUSION everything! Fusion culture, fusion food, fusion restaurants,…we even made two cute fusion babies together: Rianne and Ryan (an amazing mix of Indian and Filipino)!

When we were driving down Kingsway towards New Westminister and saw the sign “Indian Wok” we knew we had to stop there for dinner on our way home! A few hours later, we parked in the back of Indian Wok and arrived at this recently opened Indian-Chinese fusion restaurant right near Royal Oak Skytrain in Burnaby. We have been to Chili Pepper House and Green Lettuce (on the other end of Kingsway) so we were curious to see how this restaurant would compare. The friendly owner Sophia informed us that her sister-in-law owns Green Lettuce so they have a friendly family rivalry between them. Sophia, her husband, and two kids own and operate this super hospitable new restaurant.

There were lots of choices on the menu so we asked Sophia about her best-sellers and most popular dishes and her personal favourites. After much debate, I opted for the Manchurian Wok and my wife ordered the Beef with Spicy Eggplant and Green Beans. The food was absolutely delicious – Chinese-based with a hint of Indian spices and herbs. One of the signs of a good meal for us is if our daughter approves. When she keeps munching away, we mark it as a Daddy Blogger seal of approval with two toddler thumbs up! In this case, it was thumbs up from our whole family for pricing, location, ambience, quality of food, affordability, and family-friendliness. I loved the chili peppers combined with the Chinese garlands. They also had Chinese and Indian decorations all around.

A surprise at the end was the “Ice Cream on Fire” – a signature dish of Indian Wok…not found anywhere else in Vancouver!