SnapChat – The New Kid on the Block!

Is Snapchat Valuable? Facebook offered for Snapchat $3 billion in late 2013.

In this episode, Jonathan Christian shares with James Martell the highlights from his talk at the February 2015 Social Media Mastery Conference, held in Vancouver, BC.

Jonathan lives and breathes Social Media due in part to a major car accident in 2008. While recovering from major neck surgery, he spent his time learning everything about Social Networking. Since creating We Make Stuff Happen, Jonathan and his team of 20 have helped over 300 local businesses; entrepreneurs and non-profits master the Social space. They are training partners with Honeywell and BC Wood.

As a Social Media Evangelist Jonathan preaches with real experience, energy and enthusiasm daily on how to set up and leverage #SocialMedia in a business context.

Jonathan Christian – We Make Stuff Happen





Social Media Mastery Conference