Grow Your Business With Twitter

How big is Twitter? Twitter has 550 million registered users, and 215 million active.

In this episode, Katt Stearns shares with James Martell the highlights from her talk at the February 2015 Social Media Mastery Conference, held in Vancouver, BC.

Katt’s entrepreneurial journey began when she was in her early twenties. She was interested in working in the music industry, though she had no music background-just a passion for music. She sat down one day and wrote over one hundred emails to every radio station, recording artist and record label she could find, hoping to just volunteer. She received a response from 306 Records in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, an independent record label affiliated with Universal Music. They offered her an internship. So, she packed up everything and the journey began.

A few years later, Katt started her own marketing and artist development company building partnerships alongside many of the top organizations in the industry. It was here she realized the power of content and social media.

Katt Stearns




Social Media Mastery Conference

Katt Stearns