Ricky & Anne’s Bucket List

Every year, we update our Bucket List of things we have completed and things we still want to achieve (both this year and in the years to come)!

This is one of the quotes that most inspires me to complete my bucket list!

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” —Mark Twain

Here’s my 100 Items I have already competed

1) Got Married

2) Have Kids

3) Started my Own Business

4) Lived & worked on 4 Continents

5) Traveled to over 40 countries

6) Sky Dive in New Zealand

7) Bungy Jump in New Zealand

8) Zorbing in New Zealand

9) Backpacked around Europe

10) Backpacked around the Middle East

11) Backpacked around Asia

12) Backpacked around Australia and New Zealand

13) Traveled up the West Coast of the US

14) Drove across the Prairies

15) Walked the Great Wall of China

16) Traveled to Tibet

17) Visited Mt Everest Base Camp

18) Visited the Taj Mahal

19) Rode an Elephant in Thailand

20) Visited Ankor Wat in Cambodia

21) Visited the DMZ in North Korea

22) Saw an Orangutan in Borneo

23) Saw Borobodor in Indonesia

24) Visited the Great Barrier Reef in Australia

25) Visited Uluru in Australia

26) Saw scenes from the Lord of the Rings in New Zealand

27) Saw the Mona Lisa in the Louvre

28) Went to the top of the Effel Tower in Paris

29) Saw the Rodin Thinker Statue in Paris

30) Visited the Gaudi Architecture in Barcelona

31) Saw the Pope in Rome

32) Explored the Sistene Chapel in Rome

33) Took a cruise of the Greek Islands

34) Visited the Alps in Switzerland

35) Visited a German Castle

36) Saw the Guernica painting by Pablo Picasso at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain

37) Visited the Glastonbury Festival in England

38) Saw the Ganges River in Varanasi, India

39) Became a Big Brother

40) Published an Amazon Best Selling Book

41) Proposed to my wife using a Flash Mob

42) Made it on the front page of The Province

43) Interviewed on Global, CTV, Province, Sun, National Post, Globe & Mail

44) Took a Cruise to Alaska

45) Took my family to the Philippines

46) Won multiple Best Speaker Awards at Toastmasters

47) Keynote Speaker at a major National Conference

48) Visited Las Vegas for New Years Eve

49) Graduated University (Got Bachelor’s Degree)

50) Finished Bible College

51) Saw the Leaning Tower of Pisa

52) Rode a Camel in Egypt

53) Saw the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt

54) Bought my own Condo

55) Bought my own Car

56) Started my own Blog

57) Made money online

58) Traveled First Class

59) Visited Aruba

60) Spoke at an Orphanage

61) Spoke at a Church

62) Spoke at a Bible College

63) Organized my own Mastermind Group

63) Became a Coach and Consultant

63) Created & Sold my own Online Products

64) Organized my own one day Workshop

65) Created my own Membership Site

66) Did a Book Launch Party

67) Did a Book Signing

68) Visited the Rocky Mountains

69) Climbed Mt Fuji

70) Visited Hollywood

71) Visited New York City

72) Visited Disney World in Florida

73) Visited a MegaChurch (Rick Warren Saddleback’s Church)

74) Started my own Backpackers Ministry

75) Visited Petra in Jordan

76) Visited Bethlehem (Jesus’ Birthplace)

77) Visited Turkey, Istanbul

78) Attended Diner en Blanc

79) Attended a WeDay Event

80) Got an All-Expenses Paid Trip by Lexus

81) Rode the Canals in Venice

82) Visited Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam

83) Saw the New Years Eve Fireworks in Sydney, Australia

84) Had Christmas on the Beach in Australia

85) Saw a show at the Sydney Opera House

86) Slept under the Stars in the Dessert (Wadi Rum, Jordan & Alice Springs, Australia)

87) Saw the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace in London

88) Kissed the Blarney Stone in Ireland

89) Took a Cruise down the Nile River

90) Saw the Roman Coliseum

91) Saw a Soccer Game in Italy

92) Visited the Acropolis in Greece

93) Got a Turkish Bath

94) Saw Big Ben in London, England

95) Visited Mother Teresa’s Charity in India

96) Saw the Terracotta Warriors in China

97) Visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar

98) Visited Stone Henge in London, England

99) Took a Bullet Train in Japan

100) Get this completed Bucket List to 1000 Items! (Stay Tuned)

100 Things Still on my Bucket List (I will mark “DONE” when I complete each task)

1) Visit Machu Picchu in Peru

2) Travel from Cairo to Cape Town

3) Take a Cruise to Antartica

4) Move to San Diego, California

5) Buy property in Mexico

6) Backpack through South America

7) Attend the Carnival in Rio

8) Attend Mardi Gras in New Orleans

9) Visit the North Pole in Rovenemi

10) Round the World Trip

11) Round the World Cruise

12) Buy a BMW X5

13) Sponsor a Watoto Child

14) Visit Puerto Vallarta & Cancun in Mexico

15) Travel through Central America

16) Attend a World Cup Game

17) Attend a Summer Olympics Event

18) Interview Barack Obama about Fatherhood

19) Start a Church

20) Establish a Charity & a Non-Profit

21) See Northern Lights in the Yukon

22) See the Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba

23) Drive across Canada (every Province and Territory)

24) Drive through all 50 states of the US

25) Complete my Masters in Theology

26) Go to the Burning Man Festival

27) Take a train cross Canada

28) Visit the While House

29) Stay in Bora Bora

30) Visit every Country in the World

31) Swim with Dolphins

32) Take a Spa in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

33) Ride a Hot Air Balloon

34) Ride a Float Plane

35) Fly over the Grand Canyon

37) Fly over Niagara Falls

38) Fly over Victoria Falls

39) Visit the Jesus Statue in Rio di Jinaro

40) Visit Area 51

41) Visit the Pentagon

42) Visit Fort Knox

43) Be listed in the Credits of a Hollywood Movie

44) Experience Zero Gravity

45) Ride a Segway

46) Visit Abj Barj in Dubai, UAE

47) Visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia

48) Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing

49) Sleep in a Tree House

50) Go on an African Safari

51) Drive across Route 66 from Chicago to LA

52) Walk through Japan’s Tunnel of Lights

53) Feed a Giraffe

54) Take part in La Tomatina (a festival that is held in the town of Buñol in Valencia, Spain)

55) Take part in Running with the Bulls

56) Walk the Camino de Santiago

57) Hike the Appalachian Trail

58) Become an Early Riser

59) Drink a $1000 Bottle of Champagne

60) Visit Niagara Falls (on both the Canadian and US sides)

61) Launch a 365 Day Project

62) Watch the Rose Parade held in Pasadena, California

63) Watch the Canucks win the Stanley Cup at Rogers Arena in person

64) Watch the Super Bowl in person

65) Watch the NBA Finals Championship Game in person

66) See the ball drop in Times Square, NYC on New Years Eve

67) Walk through the Amazon Rainforest

68) Go Paint Balling

69) Do a Caribbean Cruise

70) Do a Cruise to the Bahamas

71) Attend a Hollywood Movie Premier in person

72) Attend the Oscars live in person

73) Attend the Grammy Awards live in person

74) Visit Castle Bran (Count Dracula’s Castle) in Romania

75) Do 100 pushups without stopping

76) Get 1 million views on my YouTube Channel

77) Get 1 million views/month on my Daddy Blogger website

78) Get 1 million fans on my Facebook Page

79) Have $1 million in savings

80) Get invited to visit Necker Island by Richard Branson

81) Drive a Monster Truck

82) Stay in an Ice Hotel in Sweden

83) Visit the Stone House in Guimaraes, Portugal

84) Take a Jeep Tour of the Sand Dunes in the Sahara Desert

85) Attend The St Patrick’s Festival In Ireland

86) Attend The Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

87) Be featured in Forbes

88) Become a NY Times Best Selling Author

89) Get interviewed on Good Morning America and CNN

90) Get interviewed by Oprah and Ellen

91) Visit Edinburgh For The Hogmanay Celebrations (New Years Eve)

92) Open an Overseas Bank Account

93) Buy Gold Bars

94) Open up a School in India & the Philippines

95) Open an Orphanage in India & the Philippines

96) Build a Hospital in India & the Philippines

97) Have a Street named after me

98) Become knighted by the Queen of England

99) Direct my own movie

100) Create a list of 1000 Bucket List Items (stay tuned)!

Ricky Shetty Sky Diving Picture