Book of the Year

Each year, we pick a Word of the Year which is our overall theme of the year! The last few years, we have used the words “Teamwork”, “Adventure”, “Discovery”, “Marriage” and “Parenting.”

This year, we chose the word “GROWTH.”

However, up until this year, we haven’t had a book of the year yet!

After attending my YVR Masterminds group tonight, I came home, prayed through which book I picked, and made a video sharing my struggle with doubt and belief. Then, I remembered a Podcast I was listening to today on Fuel Radio which talked about “The Power of Positive Thinking.” One of the best things about the author Dr Norman Vincent Peale is that he uses a Biblical foundation in his book and shares the same common Christian faith that hold!

All the signs point to this being my book for 2015!!

I’ll be grabbing a copy at Chapters over the next few days!

Norman Vincent Peale