Blueprint for 2015

It’s one thing to set goals, it’s a whole other thing to create a Blueprint of how to achieve those goals.

As part of my YVR Masterminds Group, we each created our blueprint for the year!

Here’s mine!!

Ricky Shetty - Cartoon

Ricky Shetty’s Blueprint for 2015

P1 (FINANCES) I easily make $100,000 in income by Dec 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm ($80,000 active, $20,000 passive)

P2 (FITNESS) I easily weigh 180 lbs and have a waist size of 32 inches by Dec 31, 2015 at 11:59 pm

P3 (FAITH & FAMILY) I invest quality time in relationship building with God, my wife, and kids taking each relationship from 7/10 to 9/10

Secondary Goals

Secondary Goal 1 – Take 4 Family Trips (at least 2 consecutive nights away from Vancouver)

Secondary Goal 2 – Go on 4 Sponsored Trips through my Blog

Secondary Goal 3 – Sponsored Trip to Disneyland and/or Hawaii

Secondary Goal 4 – Take Anne on 12 Date Nights

Secondary Goal 5 – Take Anne on an Overnight Getaway (without the kids)

Secondary Goal 6 – Read 12 books about Theology, Family, Personal Growth, & Business

Secondary Goal 7 – Attend Church every week

Secondary Goal 8 – Donate 10% of income to God/Church/Missions

Secondary Goal 9 – Take kids on a MIssions Trip

Secondary Goal 10 – Complete my second book (Blogging for Business)

Secondary Goal 11 – Organize 12 Bloggers Events, 12 Dads Events, & 4 Blogging Workshops

Secondary Goal 12 – Speak at 4 major Conferences this year


Financial Breakdown of my Road To $100,000

  • $2500/month Speaking (4 Major Conferences of 200+ people in each one selling a $500+ product at the end of each presentation).
  • $2500/month Coaching (Online Mastermind Group coaching and Private one-on-coaching at $150/hour)
  • $2500/month Blogging & Internet Marketing (Sponsorships, Selling Online Products, Monthly Membership Site)
  • $2500/month Event Production (Spring Influence Conference, Fall Blogging Conference, YVR Media Group Event Series, YVR Bloggers, YVR Dads, YVR Masterminds and Blog Mastery Workshop & Social Media Mastery Workshop)


  • I am first and foremost a passionate man of God seeking God’s will, direction, and guidance through daily prayer, regular Bible study, weekly church attendance, and spiritual discipleship as I make major life decisions.
  • I am secondly a driven husband to my wife Anne focused on making sure her needs, wants, and dreams are fulfilled
  • I am thirdly a active and involved father to my kids Rianne and Ryan investing quality time with them daily
  • I read one new book/month on Theology, Relationships, Personal Growth, Business to improve myself personally
  • I am a successful community builder adding value to my online and offline groups I have created

New habits, disciplines or behaviours I need to START or EXPAND TO ACHIEVE MY GOAL

  1. I sleep by midnight every day and wake up by 8 am every day. Sleeping 8 hours allows me to rest well enough to be at optimal energy the whole day!
  2. I workout twice/week with Troy Tyrell ensuring I am at optimal health and fitness and do 3 workouts at home with the kids doing Pushups, Situps, and Lunges)
  3. I listen to 30 mins of Podcasts every day (Entrepreneur on Fire and Chatting with Champions on iTunes)
  4. I meet up with my Futurepreneurs Mentor once/week for the first 6 months of 2015 and continue the relationship for the rest of the year if it is mutually-beneficial
  5. I do 365 days of Daily Video Affirmations from Jan 1, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015 completing my first 365 Video Project

Poor habits or behaviours I need to STOP

  1. I need to stop procrastinating on important tasks (need to do the most difficult taks first so that I’ll be mentally
  2. I need to stop wasting time on Social Media (easy to get stuck on the Facebook Newsfeed and lose my productivity)
  3. I need to stop saying “yes” to doing blog posts for free products and instead charge for what I am worth ($250+ for sponsored posts for corporate work I do)
  4. I need to stop going to networking events that don’t directly bring me income or business opportunities
  5. I need to stop being a people pleaser and stop seeking people’s approval (instead I am fully and totally happy with the person God designed me to be)



5 things I need to do consistently every weekday from January 1 to December 31, 2015 to ensure I achieve my goal of making $100,000

  1. I need to start and end my day in prayer and gratitude to God
  2. I need to invest quality time with my wife and kids
  3. I listen to a 30 minute Podcast each day
  4. I devote at least 4 hours daily building up my business
  5. I do a Daily Video Affirmation putting them on a YouTube Playlist (365 Videos)

5 things I need to do consistently every week from January 1 to December 31, 2015 to ensure I achieve my goal of making $100,000

  1. I write 5 blog posts each week day from Monday to Friday  (taking Saturdays and Sundays off)
  2. I prioritize Sunday as my Sabbath attending Church, having a Family Lunch, and doing an activity with my wife and kids in the afternoon
  3. I invest 20+ hours on my business each week (writing my blog posts, organizing my events, maintaining my social media, and coaching clients)
  4. I meet up with my YVR Masterminds Group for 3 hours each week and spend an additional 5 hours in preparation (reading articles, completing and commenting on Tracker, and sharing resources with the group)
  5. I meet up with my Futurepreneur Mentor once/week for the first 6 months (and possibly the whole depending on how well the relationship goes)

5 things I need to do consistently every month from January to December 2015 to ensure I achieve my goal of making $100,000

  1. I read one new book each month and write up a Book Review on my blog of what I personally learned and how I will apply it to my life
  2. I complete a Monthly Written and Video Review on my blog (I will have 12 blog posts and video to look back at on at the end of the year)
  3. I organize one YVR Bloggers and one YVR Dads event each month (I will have organized 12 events by the end of the year)
  4. I take my wife on at least one Date Night every month for 2+ hours (dinner, theatre, movie, or social event)
  5. I save $1000/month towards the down payment for our house so we can upgrade from a condo to a house which will give us more room for our family needs