Working from Home with Kids

I recently submitted my insights into being a work from home dad with kids around. It’s definitely rewarding (yet at the same challenging) working while you have a little one year old daughter around. More and more people who have small business end up working from home. Plus, in the summer, when children are around, it gets even harder.

Here are my Top 3 Tips for working from home with kids around!

1. MULTI-TASK – You can be at your desk with your kid playing in the same room. Give your child something that will keep him or her occupied (usually food, toys, and books work wonders). This way you can still monitor what they are doing while getting work done. My daughter loves playing with my Business Cards while I am working (I think she is going to be an entrepreneur when she grows up)

2. SCHEDULE OFFICE HOURS – It’s important to have regular and consistent “Office Hours” when you are at home (basically it’s like you are not even home) . Ask your wife and children not to bother you during these allocated hours. I close the door and basically focus on the work that needs to be done (plus, it’s cheaper than buying coffees at Starbucks while working)

3. WORK AT NIGHT – Work after your children are asleep. I tend to be a “night owl” so I usually get a lot of work done between 9 pm – midnight and then I’ll go to sleep at midnight. These are my prime working hours plus my daughter is sound asleep! If you are an “early bird”, wake up early and get your work done before your kids wake up! Less distractions and then you can focus fully on them when they are present

What other suggestions do you have for working productively when children are around?Working from HomeWo