Exploring Ecuador

After spending 6 weeks exploring beautiful Colombia, we crossed over to Ecuador by bus. Once we hit the border, we took another bus to the nation's capital of Quito (the second highest capital city in the world after La Paz, Bolivia). For the first and only time in South America, the currency is in US Dollars because of an Economic Crisis. It definitely felt weird to be spending USD while in South … [Read more...]

The Charm of Colombia

Colombia: our FAVOURITE Country in South America so far! After 7 months of continuous travel, we needed a break. Of course, travel is a rush and there are so many benefits and joys. However, it's easy to suffer burnout...especially when traveling with young kids. So, we decided to take a much need 1 month vacation from our vacation by setting up base in Medellin (The Digital Nomad Hot Spot of … [Read more...]

The UNESCO Sites We Have Visited On Our Travels

As of this blog post, we have been to over 60 UNESCO Sites in 60+ Countries on 6 Continents. I actually had not started counting the UNESCO Sites until just recently so I decided to compile some of our favourite UNESCO Sites on this blog post! There are actually 1050 total UNESCO Sites and we have been to about 70 altogether. They are divided into Cultural & Natural (and mixed). So far, on our … [Read more...]

From Road Trip to World Tour

To travel the world, sometimes it’s easier to travel around our own city, our own province, and our own country. Before leaving on our current #DaddyBloggerWorldTour, we did several “Test Runs” including 2 major trips (one to Northern BC and the other to Alberta). We have visited several places in BC on different Road Trips including Harrison Hot Springs, Sunshine Coast, Salt Spring Island, the … [Read more...]

The Guyanas (French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana)

Where the heck are the Guyanas? I'm sure a lot of you are asking that question! I certainly knew very little about this part of the world until actually coming here! I just knew there were 3 tiny countries in the North-East of South America (that was the extent of my awareness). Well, we decided to change that by coming and experiencing this beautiful part of the world for ourselves. Having … [Read more...]

6 Weeks in Brazil Overlanding from the South to the North

Our 6 weeks in Brazil have come to an end! We started in Sao Paulo, took the bus to Iguazu and then down to Port Alegre which is the biggest city in Southern Brazil. Then, we travelled overland the entire coastline from Rio to Fortaleza. Our 3 favourite places were: 1) IGUAZU FALLS 2) THE AMAZON 3) RIO DE JANEIRO Here's a recap of our trip so far: 1) Sao Paulo (4 … [Read more...]

Preparing for our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour

A lot of people have been asking us how we prepared for our current #DaddyBloggerWorldTour in which we are traveling through 20 countries with 3 kids under 5 in 1 year. We wrote this blog post to help our readers understand the inner workings of planning a family trip around the world. I am writing this blog post from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are currently about half way through our trip having … [Read more...]

Worldschooler Connect

Are you a World Schooling Family like ours? Would you like to meet other families while you travel? As to our situation, we have been on the road for 5 months now. We started our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour in December 2016 and have travelled through Philippines, Hong Kong, Dubai, South Africa, and now Brazil. Although our kids meet other children in the local playgrounds and sometimes at our … [Read more...]

Travelling Overland from Johannesburg to Cape Town with Baz Bus

Curious about travelling to South Africa? In this blog post, I will be reviewing all the different transport options (and why we chose to go with Baz Bus) as well as all the cities and towns we stopped at and the hotels & hostels we stayed in during our 2 month trip to South Africa. One of our dilemmas in travelling to South Africa was how to do the long bus trip from Joburg to Cape … [Read more...]

Road Trip to Hermanus, Gansbaai, and Cape Agulhas

Visiting Cape Town? There are several Road Trips you can do from The Mother City including Cape Point, Stellenbosch, and the West Coast. We did Cape Point and Stellenbosh as day trips. Since we had a few days left in the Cape Town area while we were waiting for our Brazilian Visas to be approved so we decided to do another Road Trip! When planning our trip to Hermanus, we decided for a 3 … [Read more...]

33 South Backpackers in Observatory

We found out about 33 South Backpackers from the former owner Kim Whitaker, who is currently running Once in Cape Town. We had such a fun time at Once in Cape Town that we knew that we would enjoy 33 South as well! Each of the rooms is named after a different district / suburb of Cape Town and has a unique look and feel. We stayed in Bo Kaap (the Muslim area with the colourful houses). You can see … [Read more...]