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On our website we focus on interviews with 2 distinct types of people (Family Travel and Fatherhood). I have included some sample interviews of some of the interviews with digital nomads about family travels and with dads about fatherhood.


We love interviewing Digital Nomad Dads (DNDs) on our blog, podcast, and YouTube Channel! We record both audio and video with the audio going on iTunes and the videos going on our YouTube. You can listen and watch all the inspiring travel stories below:

1) Dai Manuel in Bali, Indonesia 

2) C.J. Singer in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

3) Ken Schmitt in Vancouver, Canada

3) Keith King in Kelowna, Canada

5) Ari Charlestein in Philadelphia, United States

6) Herman Ritzema in Medellin, Colombia 

7) Brian Walt in Jaco, Costa Rica

8) Erick Prince in Bangkok, Thailand

9) Ka Sundance in Guatemala, Central America

10) Dan Morris in Nashville, United States

11) Doug Dyment from Gibsons, Canada

12) Avi Arya in Vancouver, Canada

13) James Martell in Vancouver, Canada 

14) Kevin Huhn in Toronto, Canada

15) Keith Paul in Cuenca, Ecuador


One of the main features of this blog will be short 5 – 7  minute video interviews with other dads about topics relating to parenting, fatherhood, marriage, babies, toddlers, kids, education, discipline, work-life balance, relationship with your spouse, etc.

I try to choose daddies at different stages in their parenting journey, from expecting dads, to new dads, to experienced dads, to single dads, to married dads, to divorced dads, to dads of twins, to stay-at-home dads, to work-from-home dads, to entrepreneur dads, to digital nomad dads, to retired dads, to grand-dads, to dads from various different cultures and professions.

Here are some of the videos of the daddies I have interviewed so far:

1) Interview with Dot Com Daddy John Chow

John Chow is Canada’s #1 blogger, internet marketer, and has 2 daughters who each have their own website. John lives in Vancouver, Canada in the summer and Orange County, California the rest of the year. John’s best advice to me in the interview: “Listen to your wife!”

2) Interview with Daycare Daddy Joshua Hakim

Joshua and his wife Jordina are the owners of Boanerges Family Child Care in New Westminster, BC, Canada. They also have a young daughter named JoJo. Joshua is professional videographer and film producer. We discuss their Day Care in this interview.

3) Interview with Christian Daddy Jake Sandong

Jake is a passionate Christian father of a son and daughter. Jake shares about his unique disciplinary method with his kids and his favourite memory of being a father. This is an important lesson for those of you who are struggling on how to best discipline your kids.

4) Interview with Educational Daddy Sandy Michael

Sandy is a work-from-home accountant with 3 daughters. He is actively involved in the lives of his kids, volunteering at his youngest daughter’s Pre-School. In this interview, Sandy shares his experience with public/private schools. Some great insights into kids’ education.

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