Teaching our Kids to Pay It Forward

This is a guest blog post about teaching our kids about paying it forward. Michael Tudorie is a passionate Realtor, husband, and father to an active four-year-old boy. Michael feels deeply rooted in his community. He is involved with the local Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he coaches soccer, mentors at the local school, and is a volunteer Big  Brother. In this article, Michael shares some tips for teaching your kids to pay it forward and give back to their community!

To talk about my role as a dad and more particular about how do I pay it forward, I have had the pleasure to present to a group of dads based in Vancouver, Canada called #YVRDads, which I never thought I would be attending but, I was pleasantly surprised. Nothing is what it seems to be. The world we perceive through our sub-conscious mind is not the physical reality. We as adults need to realize that and through our actions we inspire our children and hopefully others. Sometime I associate my business life as a Realtor with being a dad with a roller coaster.

I have come up with 5 similarities:

1. Both have ups and downs.

2. Both require participation – watching just isn’t the same.

3. Both can be fun one minute and terrifying the next.

4. Both are more fun when shared with others.

5. Both go very fast and don’t last long enough

Children are born with no pre-conceptions about humanity, nature or anything else in this world. As parents, we have the power to set a foundation that will stay with them forever. I never picked up or read a book on parenting yet because I think that I am unique in way own ways and I want to raise my children the way I see fit and not the way others tell me. To me, action speaks volume so I like to teach my child to help others therefore pay it forward.

One of the precious things we have in life is our time.

I decided to give my time to various charities because so many people graciously helped along the way to be where I am today. I like to do something that is not so directly self-promoting and more community orientated. I support various community groups where I live like Kit House, Pumpkin Patch at my son school, Beauty Night Society, Big Brother and Canucks Place. I am also part of a Toastmasters club and coach my son’s soccer team. Every time I return from volunteering I talk with my son what happened and how grateful he should be to have all the privileges he has now because of his predecessors. I tell him the time I spend with my small brother to be a role model because his dad decided he did not to be part of his life anymore. I created a special bond with my small brother Ben which I share with my son.

Same when I come from Canucks Place where I spend time with terminally ill kids and their siblings. I tell him how some kids are happy to be alive and happy when they could do the things my son takes for granted like going to Science World or the Aquarium or playing in the park. I teach my son to donate money to the homeless from his piggy bank and to share cloths and toys with other kids who need it more than he does. I teach my son to save bottles and recycle them and donate the money he collects to the homeless or save it towards a toy he really wants to get.

Hopefully he will learn to pay it forward as I do and his grandfather did.

“Lest we forget; it is easy to be human, very hard to be humane.”
Mirza Khan Ghalib)

Michael Tudorie