Reflections on Fatherhood

Chris Dissler is the father of two kids under the age of five, which presents itself with a great number of daily fodder for his writing, so he started a blog called Wine ’N Kids, where he drinks wine and talks about being a parent. A man of many hats at his office job during the day, at night he become a self-proclaimed Daddy Play-Gym and best friend to his kids. The only true wish he has is for his kids to turn 18 and move out of the house.Follow Chris on the Social Media platforms below:

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Wait – No – Don’t do that. No matter where I am with the kids, or what we’re doing, they always find opportunities to cause me great anxiety. My four year old daughter has just entered into the age where I’m more comfortable with what she does. I’m confident that she knows right from wrong, and can make the right decision on her own. That isn’t to say I don’t still keep a keen eye on her, just have a little more faith now. My one year old son however, is a different story, and I’m remembering now what it was like when daughter was that age. Lots of watching and saying no.
Whether we are at the park, playground, mall or friends house, my son always finds something to do that fills me with apprehension and I always find myself jumping into action. “Don’t eat sand” – “Don’t put that in your mouth.” – “Give him back his toy.” – “You have to wait your turn.” The list goes on and on and I had forgotten that feeling that swells in you when you are met with a situation that could cause harm or damage to your kid, a friends kid or someone else property.
Just recently, we were at a dentist appointment for my daughter. It was a day that my wife was working, so I had taken the day off of work and taken both of them. While my daughter sat in her chair getting her check-up my son, curious as ever right now, started fidgeting and moving and fussing and driving me insane, so I put him on the floor to walk around. “Stay over here”, “Wait hold on buddy, we’re almost done”, “Here play with this.” I often find myself pleading with him to contain himself, knowing full well that it doesn’t work, even though he knows what I’m saying. Within five minutes he had broken a plant pot and spilled all the dirt with-in that pot all over the ground because I looked away to answer a 10 second question for the dentist. Visit ruined.
This is the kind of thing that I try to avoid, and possibly the reason that I’m a little more over cautious than I probably need to be, but man is that embarrassing. Obviously, it’s a kids dental practice, so I’m sure that has happened before, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me to take. So, after my many apologies and offers to clean it they shooed me out of the office and explained that it actually does happen often and that it’s wasn’t a big deal.
I had forgotten how difficult it is to have a very curious one year old, and am slowly remembering what the next few ages look like. All the excitement, damage, destruction, playing and everything else that comes with being a parent. I won’t see that I’m dreading it, but won’t say that I’m looking forward to it either.
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