How to Change your Name

On this exclusive interview on Daddy Blogger TV, the founder of Full Name Change, Mike McCarthy, shares some of the steps involved with changing your name. Mike shares his back story as an entrepreneur and business owner. It was great to hear about some of Mike’s business failures and successes as entrepreneurship definitely has plenty of peaks and valleys. We also talk about his favourite Travel Destinations around the world (we ask all of our Podcast Guests about Travel and Business)! I was actually in Copan, Honduras during this interview so I am grateful the wifi held up for the entire interview!

We cover a lot of ground in this content-rich and highly practical interview including the 3 times you may have to change your name (Marriage, Divorce, Court Order), changing your different IDs and documentation (Passport, Driver’s License, Social Insurance Card, Work ID, Banking Details, Mailing Addresses, Email Addresses, Social Media Profiles), differences between countries and between states, circumstances surrounding Destination Weddings, requirements for Business Name Changes, how to get a Full Name Change Certification, and much more.

In our case, my amazing wife Anne changed her last name from “Davis” to “Shetty” after we got married but even now, she has a few of her documents and email addresses with her Maiden Name. It’s definitely a long and lengthy process and it can get confusing and overwhelming if you don’t do your research and due diligence. Full Name Change has some awesome blog posts and resources to support people going through the process.

If you are about to get married or know someone who is going through a divorce and has to go through the process of changing your name, make sure you share this blog post with them! It will help them answer some of the FAQ involved with changing your name. You can also get a Full Name Change Digital Gift Card as a Birthday or Engagement or Wedding Gift too! What a unique, creative, and practical idea for a present!

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