How Many Pictures Of Your Kids Is Too Many?

Chris Gorney is a dad one of one, living in the UK, who blogs about his experiences and shares what he’s learned along the way about fatherhood at

Chris Gorney

How many pictures of your kids is too many?

The short answer is that you can’t have too many photos of your kids, for the most part anyway.

You can post too many photos to your Facebook profile and annoy your friends. You can also get so obsessed with capturing every moment that you spend too long behind the camera and not enough time in those moments and making those moments with your kids.

But if you can avoid these two no, no’s I don’t think you can have too many.

  1. Kids grow up so fast – Make the memories last

Kids change so fast. One week they look cute and they blow bubbles, the next they’re saying dada and pulling your cup of coffee over. But every stage is so magical, you want to make sure that you’ve got some great photos of every stage of your child’s development to look back on and enjoy.

  1. Don’t forget videos

Photos are great, but they don’t capture the infectious giggle that your baby had when they were 6 months old or priceless first time your kid sang to you. These are the moments that make parenthood worthwhile and if you can remember to flick your phone on to capture the moment, you can relive these wonderful moments over and over again.

  1.  Take High Res picture if you can

If you’re phone will let you, set it to take High Res images. You might need an App for that like Fotor on iOS. Or make sure you have a camera to hand around the house and when you know you’re going to the park or an occasion where there might be some good photo opportunities.

It would be awful if you captured a great moment, only to find that when you went to print it out and display it proudly in your home that it just looked fuzzy when enlarged.

  1. Photos keep loved ones in touch

Grandparent, aunts, uncles can easily miss out on the wonderful moments and details of childhood if they live a distance away.

Capturing moments on camera can not only mean that you can look back at them but your relatives that live a little further away can still feel part of the action.

Verdict – So as long as you don’t upload every photo to social media or spend every moment behind the camera, taking photos is essential to celebrating the best moments of parenthood and  making sure you’re extended family are part of your child’s life too.