How can Children be affected by Video Games?

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How can children be affected by video games?Video Games

Video games are entertaining, and fun, and children of all ages simply adore them. However, it was proven that video games directly affect kids’ behavior, and sometimes they can have a rather negative influence.

To begin with, one visible negative effect of video games is that they promote violence. There are lots of aggressive games, and when a young child sees his preferred hero killing all sorts of monsters, and destroying everything, he assumes that this is the right thing to do, and he wants to do the same thing as his character.

Likewise, it has been proved that video games can determine young children to have a negative image of women. This happens because characters from most video games are not women, and if they are, they are used only for their sensuality. Because of this, children may come to look down to women, and be less respectful.

Plus, maybe one of the most significant drawbacks of video games is that they lead to social isolation. Often, children are so engaged in a game that they forget to eat, or sleep, not to mention go out and play with their friends. They are extremely focused on the action of the game, and this becomes so important to them, that they no longer want to develop any other activities, and they isolate themselves from the real world. This is an extremely grave situation, and parents whose children have started to isolate, must take drastic measures.

Furthermore, more and more teachers have warned that students are becoming more violent because of the adult video game that they are constantly playing at home. And the outrageous thing is that this happens from very young ages. For instance, at the annual conference of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, participants explained how kids as young as four are playing all sorts of aggressive games, unsupervised in their bedrooms.

What is more, doctors have discovered that young children who play video games on a daily basis are more likely to suffer from tendinitis in the future, this being a severe inflammation, which appears between the bones, and the muscles. Likewise, psychologists claim that children, who spend most of their spare time in front of the computer, playing all sorts of games, are more probable to become anti-social, and they may even have listening, and speaking difficulties. Also, they added that too many pupils arrive at school absolutely exhausted, and they fail to concentrate appropriately, because they have been playing video games until dawn.

Nevertheless, not all the video games available in stores are dangerous, and in fact, there are numerous educative games that are highly recommended by the specialists. For example, puzzles determine the children to use their brain in order to find the right solution, plus there are many other games that help kids learn how to count, read, and do so on. These types of video games have a terrific influence on children, mainly on those who are under 10, and can help them do better in school, and have a lot of fun learning new things. They will not make the children aggressive, will not teach him how to fight, and they are very unlikely to lead to social-isolation.

All in all, there are countless types of games on the market, and while some are highly recommended, some should be avoided under any circumstances, thus it is only a matter of choosing what is best for your children. Also, keep an eye on your kids, mainly when they are playing video games, and encourage them to develop all sorts of other activities, apart from staying in front of the computer.

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